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Whether your business is new to the market or has an established reputation, online events such as webinars are a great way to bring trade show materials to life in a virtual environment. We customize each webinar to meet your business needs and marketing goals.

Webinars are a cost-effective marketing tool that can be used to brand yourself as an authority in your industry, bring brand awareness to your target audience, or generate/nurture leads.

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In these challenging times, IoT Marketing is providing a virtual space to promote thought leadership, guidance, and a sense of community. We are most interested in executives willing to showcase their industry expertise, share honest experiences, and provide strategies for staying flexible and adaptable. Our "Industry Insights" webinar series is intended to serve as a means to educate those in need of connected solutions and align them with IoT ecosystem partners and technology industry professionals. Our goal is to encourage constructive dialogue in a webinar panel experience with Q&A. Discussions will revolve around new and existing challenges while also highlighting currently available marketplace solutions aimed at solving industry pain points.

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Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G

Event Details

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020

Duration: 11:00AM to 12:00PM CST

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The entire telecom ecosystem is preparing for the launch of 5G, from the mobile operators deploying the ultra-fast low-latency networks to the IoT businesses, telecommunication services, and standard committees that also play vital roles in its rollout. IoT Marketing’s new webinar series, “Industry Insights” returns with a focus on 5G for the telecom industry. Register to attend our “Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G” webinar on Thursday July 23rd, to find out the promise of 5G, the challenges facing 5G’s rollout, recent pandemic, and what industry experts predict for the future of 5G and what we can expect next.

Connected Solutions for the Power Industry

Event Details

Date: Thursday, August 20, 2020

Duration: 11:00AM to 12:00PM CST

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The power industry is comprised of several sectors that are experiencing an unexpected shift in usage and demand, due to the coronavirus and its ripple effect, as well as the advancement of sustainable energy technology such as wind, solar, and water. Modernization of the grid and upgrading legacy equipment is vital for a green and growing economy. IoT Marketing’s webinar, “Connected Solutions for the Power Industry,” will discuss challenges the power industry is currently facing, such as supply chain and sourcing disruptions, as well as IIoT and IoT solutions for utilities. This panel-style webinar will also highlight trends, statistics, and predictions for what to expect for the future of the connected power industry.

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