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Jeff Koser

Author & Founder

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One of Library Journal’s Best Business Books of 2008

Even the most competitive companies only close about 15 percent of the deals in their sales pipelines. That means that salespeople spend time with prospects who, 85 percent of the time, aren’t going to buy. Wouldn’t those salespeople rather spend more time pursuing prospects they knew they could close? Or spend time with their prospects where it matters most at an executive level? Readers who are ready for exceptional results for themselves and their companies need Selling to Zebras.

The Zebra way can help salespeople identify the perfect prospects for their companies–their Zebras–and develop a sales process that will help them close deals 90 percent of the time.

Jeff and Chad Koser don’t just offer theories and concepts. They give readers specific tools, models, and spreadsheets they can customize to make the Zebra way the best way for their companies to do business.

The Zebra method of selling will:

  • Increase close rates
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Increase average deal size
  • Reduce discounting and increase margins
  • Make better use of scarce resources
  • Make customers happy, creating a stable of great references

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Origin Story

Before supply chain was even a buzzword, Zebrafi founders took Baan Supply Chain from one sales rep and less than a million dollars in revenue to eighty-five million in just two years. The process we built then, is the foundation of the Zebrafi Selling System that we offer today. The Zebrafi Selling System creates a step-by-step process we call the “Anatomy of a Sales Cycle.” This produces a “paint by the numbers” process that guides a salesperson through each step in the sales cycle. Zebrafi automates client-specific presentation materials to create a better buying experience for your prospects.