2022 Emerging Trends Edition


Technology is evolving at an alarming rate. The advent of Industry 4.0 paired with the Covid-19 pandemic is changing our lives in unthinkable ways.

Businesses of all sizes were disrupted by the Coronavirus, forcing them to rethink their operations and digital strategy.

The global health crisis exposed the need for modernization, thus accelerating digital transformation and the adoption of advanced technologies across most industries.

What emerging trends will 2022 bring as the world continues to adjust?

Discussion Points

The new meaning of smart

The biggest technology trends for 2022

Technology innovation for the shift to green energy

How businesses are overcoming Covid-19 challenges

Our Speakers

Explore the forefront of innovation with our distinguished speakers, offering a glimpse into the evolving industry landscape.

Chris Farr

Director | Analog XR

Bill Pugh

Managing Director | Smart Connections Consulting, LLC

Abraham Joseph

Industry Insights Director | IDC

Raj Kapoor

Founder | India Blockchain Alliance

Joe Perez

Senior Systems Analyst / Team Lead | Health and Human Services

Jeff Winter

Industry Executive, Manufacturing | Microsoft

Ken Koenemann

Vice president | TBM Consulting Group

Tiffani Neilson

Chief Marketing Officer | IoT Marketing

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