The IoT webinar was an incredible chance to connect to like-minded experts in my field. Collaborating on the content and sharing our experiences together broadened my perspective on the changing landscape of EdTech today.

Laura Janusek



It was indeed a pleasure for me to participate. I never thought I would have such fun. I am honored to have shared a forum with you and the other esteemed panelists.

Kerry Babb

Sustainability, Resilience, & Circular Economy Consultantanagement


It was an absolute blast speaking with you and the other panelists last week! I really loved hearing everyones' thoughts! It was such a passionate, moving, and incredibly insightful group of people. Thank you so much for organizing, hosting, and for everything else you did to make this happen!!

Evan Chiles

Excel Mandarin


To say that Tiffani Neilson is dedicated would be an understatement; to call her “professional” would not do her justice. I am convinced that any project Tiffani touches will have “excellence” and “success” written all over it. I’ve had the honor of speaking at a couple of events produced by Tiffani and her team, both of which came off flawlessly. She is wise beyond her years and rises far beyond expectations. Her ability to get the job done with a smile, combined with her grasp of the overall picture impressed me from the very beginning. The end result? Consistently high-quality, riveting programs that you don’t want to miss. Somehow, she manages to get it done with just the right combination of determination, grace, professionalism, and style, earning an 11 on a scale of one to ten in my opinion. Tiffani Neilson gets a wholehearted five-star recommendation from me.

Dr. Joe


Smart Money 4.0 Webinar showcased the trends in the ever changing Fintech Industry. In going forward there is going to be a battle between traditional finance, bitcoin, banks, NFTs, fintech products, etc all looking for your money. The sophisticated customer for these investment vehicles is going to be the big winner, and this is exactly what IoT Marketing is providing through their events and consultancy services.

Alastair Caithness

Ziyen Energy


Being a speaker on a couple of the Industry Insights webinars was a wonderful experience. They knew how to make me feel at ease and provided ample opportunity to ensure I was prepared for my part in the program. Considering the care with which the entire staff approached every aspect of the event, you'd think they were producing a full-fledged network television program. These people are top-notch, and they produce consistently great material that is not only educational in nature, but also fun to watch and relevant to their audience. They obviously know their stuff, and they're always striving for excellence. I highly recommend the team at IOT Marketing; they're a class act!

Dr. Joe


I was overwhelmed with the outcome of attendees and the manner in which the webinar was coordinated!!, from the tech team to the host. Also, I really do appreciate the design of flyers and the content!, the information was well articulated with up-to-date information of advances within the tech industry especially space!. Lastly, the speakers were so knowledgeable about their area of specialty respectively. I had an amazing time!! Looking forward to doing this again!!

Thank you IoT Marketing team especially Tiffani and Jennifer Davis not forgetting the CEO; Johannes Beekman. You all are celebrated for being part of a large global community in educating people in different domains.

Desmond Wysenyuy Fonyuy

African Regional Institute for Geospatial Information Science and Technology (AFRIGIST)


It was a great experience to participate in a webinar and work with Tiffani and the team at IOT Marketing. Everything about their approach was strategic and professional. Tiffani had done her research and successfully compiled the right information to be presented. She also made sure it was reviewed and edited prior to presentation. I would definitely recommend businesses interested in either getting into the IOT space or securing their brand further in the industry work with IOT Marketing directly to make sure it is successful.

Karl Kasalek

CEO of US Energy Recovery


It was fun and occasionally unnerving to participate in today's webinar. I appreciate all that you did to put this session together, iron out my technical glitches, and to attract and engage such an audience. I learned a lot, found it great to be with a live audience, and appreciated being called by my proper names.

Kelley Coyner

The Mobility Mama Innovation4Mobility


This is a fantastic event! Great insights!

Alvin Kersting

Partner - VP Listing Operations at Listing Partners Limited


Thank you to the organizers and speakers for a well-organized event.

Vitalii Stoliarchuk

Rocket and Space Technology Test Specialist at Yuzhnoye State Design Office


If you haven't seen the news that happened during this discussion, Facebook is renaming to become Meta to show that the Metaverse is their ultimate target. Very relevant to the discussion about where this can all go.

John Gunn

Founder / Consultant of IOTGroup.io


#TiffaniNeilsen hosted a fabulous webinar for Smart Money 4.0 on Fintech and I was thrilled to be a part of it!

Erin Holloway

Prime Trust


IoT Marketing’s webinar was one of the most thoughtful, diverse and in-depth agendas that I have been fortunate enough to participate in. The team did a stellar job in selecting interesting experts across the topic area and folding all of us together into a conversation that was full of robust content. The experience was very professional and I would absolutely say yes to working with them in the future.

Katie Hotze

Founder & CEO – Shopii Technologies Inc.

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