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In our 7th annual study, over 300 manufacturing leaders share the urgent challenges facing their business and how they use technology to address these needs.

Download this year’s report to see how smart manufacturers are solving skilled worker shortages, overcoming supply chain disruptions, and mitigating risk through technology. 


Download the article “5 Best Practices for a Future-Proofed Supply Chain Strategy” to learn steps you can implement immediately to regain control of your supply chain strategy.

Put this five-step plan into action to address supply chain problems while laying the foundation for a balanced, effective supply chain strategy going forward. The recommendations include both tactical and strategic approaches for optimizing your supply chain from end to end. You’ll learn how to proactively.

  • Put boots on the ground at key suppliers to identify and resolve supplier issues and negotiate the most favorable terms.
  • Begin searching for alternative suppliers to help de-risk your supply chain and bake in more resiliency.
  • Examine “packets of work” and identify opportunities for in-sourcing while preparing your business to handle the increased workload.
  • Put a dollar value on risk and make it part of a three-pronged supply chain strategy that balances cost, inventory, and risk.
  • Leverage data analytics and visualization technology to identify sudden shifts in customer trends for production guidance.

Chris Farr

Analog XR

Join Chris Farr, Founder & Director of XR Solutions & Commercial Programs for a free 45 minute session on best practices and considerations for XR Adoption. Whether you're building part of the Metaverse or an enterprise application, you'll learn the relationship between systems to achieve a sustainable and high-performing Extended Reality and IoT Technology program.

About Analog:

Analog is a digital systems company dedicated to Human Performance & Operational Improvement.

We focus on solving complex digital initiatives involving Artificial Intelligence & Extended Reality (VR, AR, MR).

Taking a mixed-method approach, we identify how to improve the performance and safety of critical and time-sensitive procedures through training and operational systems program development.

Analog was founded to improve the quality of front-line work with data through the Digital Solutions Ecosystem.

Nearshore development with Linkthinks and get experienced IoT developers in the same timezone as the USA. Other reasons to outsource services with Linkthinks huge cost reduction compared to US companies & other countries. With Linkthinks you'll be obtaining similar expertise, knowledge and quality but in most cases at costs 4-5  times lower than most bids with other outsourced development.

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The Shift to Earth 4.0

As Industry 4.0 takes shape, it is imperative to consider how the technological advancements digitally transforming industries will impact the Earth. 

Industrialization has taken a toll on our planet. 

Is it too late to reverse its negative impact on the environment?

What measures should be taken to ensure that Industry 4.0 leaves the world better than what it currently is? 

Find out what the experts have to say about this important topic on Thursday April 28, 2022 as Industry Insights Webinars and IoT Marketing present, The Shift to Earth 4.0.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • How technology can be used to increase efficiency and sustainability

  • Challenges and risks Industry 4.0 poses on the environment

  • Strategies for keeping technology deployments green

  • Predictions for the future of Industry 4.0 and how it will impact the earth

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