Marketing & PR Services

Phase 1:  Building the Foundation


Benefit: Gain IoT Technology, Market Insights Feedback and Understanding of the IoT Market

  • Maximize your technology and product offerings
  • Market sectors to target
  • Applications in market sectors 
  • Technology trends  


Benefit: Establish Your Brand Visually

We can create graphics for your business, sales, and marketing that align with your brand, message, and style preference for a lasting impression.

  • Logos
  • Social media posts and cover graphics
  • Marketing materials
  • Sales sheets
  • Slide decks 
  • Email campaign graphics
  • Web design
  • Brochures/flyers
  • Infographics
  • Trade show booths and materials
  • Product mockups


Benefit: Address the Pain Points of Customers

We will develop marketing collateral based upon the market positioning and messaging document that reflects your status as a market leader. The marketing collateral development includes:

  • Content writing
  • Design layout
  • Photo sourcing


Benefit: Capture the Story

  • Craft an elevator pitch for company overview 
  • Conduct a messaging process to categorize the company, isolate value proposition and differentiators and capture the targeted company story
  • Develop audience pain points, product benefits and proof points 
  • Capture messaging in a corporate fact sheet deliverable


Benefit: Introduce the Company

  • Develop 5-7 page search engine optimized website based upon the market positioning and messaging document
  • Develop website for inbound marketing to showcase blogs, use cases, case studies, news, newsletters and press releases
  • Website will have standard navigation and will include social media links
  • Can add SSL certificate


Benefit: Connect and Build a Community

  • Generate a list of keywords and hashtags for social media
  • Design social media graphics that correlate with the target keywords and hashtags for posting
  • Join industry related groups and share content with them
  • Develop social media posts from the press releases, blogs, use cases, case studies, white papers and post current social media posts

Phase 2:  Sharing Knowledge and News


Benefit: Share Experiences Online

We suggest consistent scheduling of blogs, white papers, case studies and newsletters based upon client goals.

  • Inbound Marketing Content
    Benefit: Attract Qualified Leads and Improved SEO

    Blogs and white papers can serve as inbound marketing magnets attracting qualified leads and improving SEO. The website can attract an audience seeking the latest news on your topic of expertise.
  • Case Studies/White Paper Development
    Benefit: Establish Proof Points

    As part of the initial strategic messaging conversations, we will determine potential case studies or white papers to demonstrate company's capabilities. Once prepared, these case studies can be used in sales presentations, client proposals and on the corporate website.
  • Newsletter Development and Database Building
    Benefit: Gain New Leads

    Development of an online newsletter can be part of the monthly PR activities. We propose quarterly distribution of the online newsletter, but frequency may vary depending on newsworthy announcements and other ongoing marketing efforts. We work in tandem with our clients to grow and expand their database using vetted list resources, researched email invites and campaigns using white papers/infographics as gated lead magnets.


Benefit: Share CEOs’ Expert Knowledge

We promote our client CEOs as the experts and innovators of their industry. We seek speaking opportunities to showcase their expert knowledge and understanding of industry trends and best practices.

  • Blogs  
    Benefit: Share Thought Leadership to Attract Qualified Leads

    As part of regularly scheduled conference calls, we will develop topics of thought leadership and then write weekly blog posts about those topics to expand the company’s brand and reach online.
  • Speaker Engagements/Conferences  
    Benefit: Gain Exposure in Front of Key Industry Leaders

    Facetime with C-level executives is fundamental to promoting and building strategic alliances for the company. We support clients by researching and scheduling speaking opportunities and developing speech presentations to attract the right connections.


Benefit: Convert Sales with Captivating, High-SEO Story Telling

Video has the power to tell the company story in succinct, clear cut and engaging ways that increases brand awareness and shares the company’s value proposition in 30-second to 2-minute segments. Video is a “must” as it delivers strong search engine results and is one of the most impactful tools for delivering your message and informing your target market about your unique product offering.

  • Scripting
  • Voiceovers
  • Interviews
  • Product Videos
  • Company Videos
  • Commercials


Benefit: Build and Sustain a Loyal Community

Sharing blogs, news announcements, white papers and event highlights, as well as leveraging all social channels including Instagram can be utilized to expand exposure with the target audiences online. Social media is an essential part of all marketing strategies. We can provide end-to-end social media services.

  • Profile setup
  • Posting and engagement
  • Event and promotional campaigns
  • Contests
  • Reporting

  • Linked In
    Benefit: Network with Business Leaders

    We assist executives in developing and maximizing their use of LinkedIn for networking and business development to targeted industry executives. We will develop a calendar of social media communications to be shared online and gain prior approvals before distributing. We can also automate LinkedIn outreach to gain leads monthly for the sales pipeline.
  • Twitter
    Benefit: Share Content and News with Industry Influencers

    As part of regularly scheduled conference calls, we will develop topics of thought leadership and then write weekly blog posts about those topics to expand the company’s brand and reach online.
  • Facebook
    Benefit: Expand Your Audience Online

    We will discuss the types of content and options for connecting with customers and communities using Facebook. The purpose will be to gain visibility and connections with those professionals already using these tools for personal and business purposes.
  • Instagram
    Benefit: Target or Retarget Your Audience

    We will use Instagram to grow your audience by targeting new leads or retargeting existing leads. The platform can be leveraged to gain user generated content of people and businesses using your products or services, or for contests.


Benefit: Share News Nationally or Globally

We will raise the company’s profile with news releases, media outreach and broadcast interviews as warranted by company news and business wins.

  • Press Releases  
    Benefit: Establish Brand Awareness

    We will identify strategic announcements and accomplishments to be the subject of a news release. We propose one release per quarter, but the frequency may vary depending on the availability of worthy topics and other ongoing marketing efforts.
  • Media Outreach and Bylined Articles  
    Benefit: Gain Credibility through Third-Party Validation

    In addition to distributing and seeking coverage for news releases, we propose to develop and gain placement of by-lined articles in appropriate trade and business publications. The goal is to reinforce the company's marketing messages through the most credible and authoritative avenues.

    We will research publications that will be interested in your solutions and seek bylined articles in publications read by the targeted audiences. It is typical to spend the initial month researching editorial calendars and connecting with reporters and to anticipate article placement starting in the following month.

  • Online Newsroom  
    Benefit: Assist Reporters with Company Background and Media Assets

    We will establish a strategy for providing easy access to the company background and an ongoing story of its growth along with media assets for efficient download by reporters.
  • Interviews in Broadcast Outlets and Online Radio  
    Benefit: Gain Visibility and Recognition as an Expert Authority

    We will research media opportunities and gain interviews in national, trade, local, regional and online media.

Phase 3:  Attracting the Right Customers


Benefit: Share Experiences Online

Webinars and Virtual Trade Shows

Benefit: Brand Yourself as an Expert and Attract New Leads

We develop and promote webinars to demonstrate expertise and unveil solutions. We offer all webinar services required, from promotion to production, including internal marketing using emails, newsletters, social, etc. Video or PowerPoint presentations supported by emcee conducting surveys and canned Q&A to be used in follow-up with gated marketing campaigns for social media sharing.

  • Webinar setup, hosting and moderating
  • Design services for PowerPoint slide deck
  • Lead generation with landing page
  • Content creation
  • Graphics
  • Social media
  • Email campaigns
  • Feature in IoT Marketing newsletter
  • Downloadable webinar recording
  • Post webinar report with list of registered attendees and analytics
  • Video interviews with the CEOs and guest speakers

Marketing Automation

Benefit: Automated Lead Nurturing and Qualification

  • Craft marketing personas, forms, emails, workflows
  • Create value driven conversion points within the website
  • Develop workflow and content for follow-up, lead nurturing campaigns
  • Define lead inflection points

We can establish a campaign to build the executives connections on LinkedIn and use Facebook ads to increase visitors to virtual events or a client’s booth at conferences. Our IoT team will also use all pertinent forms of social media to increase exposure for virtual and traditional conferences.


Benefit: New Leads and Sales Conversions

Traditional advertising such as direct mail, magazines, commercials and billboards can be very effective for some campaigns; however, the results from a digital marketing campaign can be just as successful using Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, SEO, email campaigns and online publications.

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is the ability to use data-driven customer acquisition to nurture and score leads through marketing automation. Having the right keyword and implementation strategy will make or break your campaign. We can provide cutting-edge advertising solutions targeting specific conference audiences and personas online located in selected geographic areas. Ads can drive traffic to white papers, infographics, animated videos, landing pages, etc. to gain new leads.

We have the deep industry knowledge and experience necessary to create a winning campaign strategy for traditional or digital advertising campaigns.

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