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Global IoT for Smart Cities

Around the World, there is a shift happening that will change the way we interact with our surroundings, our government, the products and services we rely on, and each other. Cities are getting smarter and implementing connected solutions to make more informed, data-driven decisions about our environment, transportation, education, and energy efficiency.

Join us for IoT Marketing’s, Industry Insights webinar, “Global IoT for Smart Cities,” where we will discuss strategies for introducing connected solutions to urban centers and which technologies are leading the smart city initiative worldwide.

Discussion Points

  • The technologies driving smart city transformation around the world
  • Acceleration for the adoption of IoT due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • New innovations for transportation and mobility in smart cities
  • International trends for smart cities by region



Israel’s Smart City Community


SpimeSenseLabs & MasterOFThingsIoT


Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities


New Urban Informatics
Tiffani Neilson


IoT Marketing LLC

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Company Profiles

Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities

The Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities has been named as a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) – the first in Israel to be recognized by the European Commission, and the only one in the world focused on smart cities. The Center is a meeting place for smart city researchers, city dwellers, policymakers and technology solution providers.

Israel’s Smart Cities Community

Israel’s Smart Cities Community is a large group of influencers and leaders that raise awareness on the topic of smart cities in Israel. The group includes meetings, collaborations, connections, and corporate projects. It seeks to build initiatives and to generate links in the community.

New Urban Informatics

New Urban Informatics has been at the forefront of digital technologies and innovative business models. The company has over a decade of expertise in the various Smart Cities domains, coupled with an average of more than two decades in data analytics and informatics across many industries.


SpimSenseLabs is a premier tech company operating in Egypt that specializes in building innovative IoT solutions and services with a special focus on making MasterOfThings, an advanced cloud-based platform for developing IoT and Machine-to-Machine applications, the simplest and most powerful smart cities IoT AEP (Application Enablement Platform).


Master of Things is an M2M visual IDE that brings plug-and-play ideas into the IoT world. MoT overcomes the biggest challenge facing business professionals and industrial engineers. It offers a simple and standard way to gather data from different sensors and make the data from the sensors accessible within its visual application development framework. With Master of Things, anyone can build a web-based IoT and M2M application in a matter of hours.

Chat Reviews

This was a very valuable webinar. Thank you for the time invested to bring us this value.

John Fitisemanu

Amazing Webinar

Kim Nguyen

Thank You for your time today. This was educational. I like the format.

Thomas Stark

Great format to continue expanding IOT. Fantastic points and exchange of ideas, do appreciate everyone.

Jose Yborra

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Sorry, this webinar has passed, but you can still watch the replay.

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