IoT Marketing’s mission is to launch and fuel IoT/high-tech companies and their business growth with integrated and innovative end-to-end marketing services, PR, and production services.

Company Overview

Based in Austin, Texas, IoT Marketing is a digital agency specializing in launching and fueling the growth of companies on the cutting edge of technology and environmental sustainability. With deep industry knowledge, clients benefit from working with one outsourced firm offering end-to-end marketing, PR, and production services. IoT Marketing also helps organizations increase brand awareness among its extensive audience of tech experts, industry leaders, and business professionals through its Industry Insights Webinars events, awards series, and annual virtual summits. 

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IoT Marketing uses the latest, most advanced marketing technologies for project management, wire distributions, marketing automation, content creation, and video production. These technologies allow IoT Marketing to efficiently and accurately customize projects to the client’s needs.

IoT Marketing aims to increase the production quality and interactive features to create Experiential Marketing (XM). 

Filling sales pipelines with the right, qualified leads is a priority built into IoT Marketing’s unique offerings. The team’s experience and background in IoT and high-tech place them at the top of the technology learning curve. With a deep understanding of the fundamentals of technology, they are a step ahead of traditional marketing firms and can provide businesses with vital insights on the IoT market, their technology, and its industry applications as well as how to reach and engage target audiences.

Tech companies need — and would benefit immensely from — a cohesive marketing and PR strategy with opportunities to feature their brand in front of an active and engaged audience of potential leads including:

  • Consistent messaging for website content, marketing collateral, and digital marketing
  • Ongoing content creation
  • Organic website traffic
  • Credibility and authority from article placements
  • News announcements
  • Qualified leads to fill the sales pipeline
  • Strategic speaking opportunities to drive sales
  • Visibility within the IoT ecosystem
  • Webinars and trade shows to increase sales conversions
  • Digital marketing services and social media to attract potential customers

Our End-to-End Marketing Services

We integrate IoT market and technology insights into the execution of PR and marketing plans for IoT and high-tech clients. We are at the top of the IoT learning curve because we know and understand the technology. We provide customized marketing plans that can be executed incrementally to fit your budget requirements. IoT Marketing provides actionable and measurable results that move the needle in brand reputation, lead generation, and business development.

  • Advertising Campaigns 
  • Analyst & Media Relations
  • Article Writing & Placement 
  • Branding, Messaging & Positioning
  • Business Development
  • Chat Bot Integration
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Go-to-Market & Product Launches
  • Graphic/Motion Graphic Design
  • Landing Page & Lead Funnel Design 
  • Marketing & Email Automation
  • Public Relations
  • Research & Marketing Analysis
  • Sales Channel Development & Enablement
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Webinar & Video Production
  • Website Design & Development

Our Team

Johannes Beekman

Founder & CEO

Johannes has extensive experience with startups and a broad background in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, IT, Telecom, and the legal sector. His current focus is on integrating Generative AI into marketing."

Tiffani Neilson

Chief Marketing Officer

Tiffani has extensive speaking, moderating, business development, marketing, branding, and PR experience, as well as deep knowledge about IoT and many other advanced technologies."

Jason Meyer

Sales & Production Director

Jason has extensive experience in sales, marketing, video production, and broadcasting services."

Hear from our CEO how IoT Marketing adjusted during the pandemic and developed a thriving monthly live Industry Insights series.

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