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Digital Transformation is changing everything, including the way we build. When it comes to planning and designing new buildings and cities, incorporating advanced technologies to ensure energy efficiency and long term sustainability is becoming a necessity. Whether building a smart city from scratch or rehabbing existing structures with connected solutions, data-centric innovation is being placed top of mind. As developers and construction teams lay the framework for new buildings and infrastructure, connectivity and data collection will be as important as blueprints and safety. Researchers and Technology evangelists expect building and infrastructure data to be of significant value, giving us greater control of our digital future.

But what potential risks does biting the digital apple of Industry 4.0 create for construction professionals that have always completed projects without the use of advanced technologies? Construction crews and foremen will be pushed to become familiar with IoT, digital twins, and data-management processes that are synonymous with digital transformation. Those that continue to complete their services in the traditional way, will be at a significant disadvantage to those who choose to pursue initiatives around IoT and other cutting edge technologies.

Living on the Edge

Discussion Points

Why it is imperative to consider energy efficiency and sustainability when building new smart buildings and infrastructure

Challenges surrounding existing buildings and traditional building processes that can be mitigated with connected solutions

Technology advancements for construction applications such as digital twins, automation and VR

Considerations for smart cities such as data ownership and security

Our Speakers

Explore the forefront of innovation with our distinguished speakers, offering a glimpse into the evolving industry landscape.

Bill Pugh

Managing Partner/Director | Smart Connections Consulting, LLC

Chuck Byers

Associate Chief Technical Officer | Industrial Internet Consortium

John Smerkar

Smart Building, IoT, Digital Twin Executive, Leader and Strategist | Simens

Ramesh Elaiyavalli

Chief Technology Officer | SourceLogix

Tiffani Neilson

Chief Marketing Officer | IoT Marketing

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