The Easiest Way To   

Get-Started Generating Leads From Our Platform

Leverage display advertisements within our community to achieve achieve your sales goals… even if you have a limited marketing budget.

Reasons why banner ads are a good place to start

Affordable Marketing Option

Unlike other forms of advertising, banners are more cost effective and don't take long to deploy. You can provide the graphics to us or have our design team craft them for you. Either option is extremely affordable as we make our prices extremely competitive for those looking to test the waters and measure ROI before adding some of our more comprehensive service offerings.

Our banners are effective in drawing attention to your products or services with visually appealing designs and intelligent placement within our content will surely increase your site traffic and your bottom line.

Increase Brand Awareness

Having your banners appearing on several rotations within our network strengthens your brand recognition to our audience making your brand familiar to those who  may have never heard of your business.

They also alert consumers to the great products or services you have. People can interact with this content and learn more about what your company does.

Target Specific Customers

Many businesses struggle because they don’t specify their ideal customer profile. As such, they end up trying to sell to everyone. This strategy doesn’t work well.

As part of our process we help you develop your buyer persona and target these specific individuals. Potential customers will click on the banners and end up on your sales page. You can be sure the customers are potential leads, otherwise, they would not have clicked the ad.

This removes the uncertainty of trying to convince customers about your offerings.

Banner Ad Placements

Part of our display ad approach is to be very particular about their placements and intentionally place limitations on a few details. We intentionally limit ads to the home page, blog pages, & event pages so we don't look like a classifieds section of the paper like may websites do these days. Visitor experience is of the utmost importance. We also limit sizes to three varieties which are proven to be the top performing sizes. We as a courtesy to our customers also limit the ads to not over saturate any specific vertical/industry to ensure optimum results and not create competition with our community pages while running similar brands concurrently.

  • Home Page Example

  • Blog Page Example

Blog Pages

Being featured on blog pages has a different set of benefits when compared to our homepage and events pages. Those benefits are 

based on relevancy which nets higher conversions compared to higher traffic pages due to your ads being anchored to blog articles

search results pages that are aligned with your industry & vertical.

Banner Ad Sizings

  • 300x250 Ad

  • 728x90 Ad

  • 160x600 Ad

300 X 250

The Swiss army knife of banner ads. As they can be placed anywhere on site. From blog articles, VOD playlists sidebars, mobile specific pages. This small option delivers big results.


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