Why IoT Marketing?

The IoT Marketing Difference:

A Digital Partner with Technology Insights that Focus Marketing Results

IoT Marketing is the end-to-end solution of choice for IoT and tech companies.

Our experience and background in IoT and high-tech place us at the top of the technology learning curve. We have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of technology, which puts us a step ahead of traditional marketing firms. We can provide your business with vital insights on the IoT market, your technology, and its industry applications as well as how to reach and engage your target audiences. 

IoT Marketing is the RIGHT outsourced marketing team for your business. We combine our expert skills in the science of the technology and the art of communications to efficiently meet all of your tech marketing needs!

“The science of technology + the art of communications = the right team expertise.”

Deep Industry Expertise

Technology Consulting and Market Research 

Our CEO, Johannes Beekman, has a background in semiconductor, data analytics, AI, robotics, 5G, and edge computing and can offer guidance on how best to maximize and apply technology, which market sectors to target and which IoT applications to employ.

Industry Insights 

Our team of writers has specialized expertise in IoT gained from serving over a dozen clients in IoT (Telco, RFID, visual operations, Wi-Fi tracking, asset management, retail consumer insights, data compaction, SD-WAN, critical infrastructure solutions, IoT product design, development and deployment, NB-IoT solutions, and IoT manufacturing). Our writing team is highly skilled at developing technical white papers that will convey the value of your product or service to the marketplace. 

IoT Marketing is creating a virtual community for business professionals and thought leaders to share their knowledge and experience through webinars. The new series of webinars, “Industry Insights,” will highlight industry-specific topics in a virtual panel discussion experience. IoT Marketing offers webinar sponsorship packages that include speaking opportunities along with all of the end-to-end services necessary to make your webinar a success.

IoT Ecosystem  

IoT Marketing has developed relationships with key companies, consultants, researchers, publishers, and thought leaders in the IoT industry. We can facilitate business development efforts, connecting clients with the right contacts for partnerships, sales channel development, databases, and funding. We understand the roles these valuable influencers play and how to create strategic win-wins for our clients.

End-to-End Integrated Marketing Services

Strategic Planning Based on a Foundation of IoT Industry Knowledge  

We specialize in developing and executing integrated go-to-market and product launch strategies that incorporate the latest market research, knowledge of the IoT ecosystem and applications to position your company for success. Filling your sales pipeline with the right, qualified leads is a priority built into our planning process.

One Responsive Team Delivering Full-Service Marketing for Continuity and Growth

We get to know you and your business goals and then work with you, as your trusted marketing partner, to grow and scale your business. Our team’s comprehensive marketing skills allow us to move seamlessly through all aspects of an integrated marketing plan:

  • Messaging and positioning
  • Branding
  • Website development
  • Content marketing
  • PR campaigns
  • Trade shows/webinars/virtual trade shows
  • Social media
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation

Most Advanced Marketing Practices and Technologies

IoT Marketing uses the latest, most advanced marketing technologies for project management, wire distributions, automated marketing, webinar platforms, and video production. These technologies allow us to efficiently and accurately customize projects to your needs and connect targeted audiences to your brand.

“Marketing made easy with technology; tech brands built with marketing”

The Challenge

Tech companies often don’t have the time or talent for marketing.

Many technology companies lack an effective marketing strategy because:

  • Their focus is on technology or business development.
  • Their team is not trained in the art of storytelling, branding, and public relations.
  • They have limited time to train a marketing team to fully understand their technology or the IoT market.

Tech companies need—and would benefit immensely from—a cohesive marketing and PR strategy including:

  • Consistent messaging for website content, marketing collateral, and digital marketing
  • Ongoing content creation
  • Organic website traffic
  • Credibility and authority from article placements
  • News announcements
  • Digital marketing services and social media to attract potential customers
  • Qualified leads to fill the sales pipeline
  • Strategic speaking opportunities to drive sales
  • Visibility within the IoT ecosystem
  • Webinars and trade shows to increase sales conversions
  • Social media services

The Solution

A digital agency launching products and services and fueling ongoing business growth.

The solution is a marketing firm that:  

  • Specializes in serving IoT and tech companies.
  • Leverages a deep technology background in IoT, Telco, AI, SaaS, satellite, SD-WAN, 5G, and edge computing.
  • Offers expert marketing, public relations, and digital strategies and content.
  • Performs end-to-end marketing and communications services.
  • Provides one responsive team for all marketing needs including website, content, SEO, webinar/trade shows, PR, and digital marketing solutions.
  • Builds social media campaigns that align with content and digital marketing strategies.
  • Grows industry knowledge and community around pain points and solutions in market sectors with an ongoing webinar series.

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