Going Green with IoT | Energy & Sustainability Webinar

The Green IoT for Efficiency and Sustainability webinar aims to raise awareness for how IoT can be used for good to create a lasting change on the Earth.

Our panel of experts will discuss trends and strategies for using IoT to drive efficiency and sustainability. The webinar will highlight IoT solutions for energy, the future of farming, environmental monitoring, and green computing.

Join Industry Insights Webinars for an interesting and educational conversation, where we will share strategies for deploying IoT solutions that promote sustainability for industries such as energy, utilities, and agriculture, as well as how to incorporate efficiency into your IoT deployment. Register now or contact us to learn more about our speaking and sponsorship opportunities.

Discussion Points for Our Energy & Sustainability Event

  • Connected solutions for combating climate change
  • How IoT can improve energy efficiency
  • Why our food supply needs IoT
  • Drones and other trends for Smart Agriculture
  • Waste management solutions
  • The importance of factoring power consumption in the design of IoT device hardware and software

Our Energy & Sustainability Webinar Speakers



Smart Connections Consulting

Mr. Pugh has over 25 years of experience in delivering wired/wireless strategies, end to end platform development and deployment of networking technologies for several private and public companies. Most recently over the past 7 years, working with cities on strategies for executing Smart City initiatives around Street lights, Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic, Digital Twins and Security best practices.

About the company - Smart Connections Consulting - https://www.smartconnections.io/

Smart Connections Consulting LLC is responsible for delivering to its Private and Public-Sector clients technological thought leadership, guidance and practical best in class practice for solving their wired or wireless connected initiatives as well as roadmaps for open data and analytic objectives in the Smart Grid and Smart City markets.

Ramesh Elaiyavalli





ConradAgrarConsulting, LLC



Paradise Group



IoT Marketing LLC

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In these challenging times, IoT Marketing is providing a virtual space to promote thought leadership, guidance, and a sense of community. We are interested in featuring executives willing to showcase their industry expertise, share honest experiences, and provide strategies for staying flexible and adaptable.

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Webinar Reviews From Our Friends in IoT and Tech

This was a very valuable webinar. Thank you for the time invested to bring us this value.

John Fitisemanu

Great format to continue expanding IOT. Fantastic points and exchange of ideas, do appreciate everyone.

Jose Yborra

It was a great experience to participate in a webinar and work with Tiffani and the team at IOT Marketing. Everything about their approach was strategic and professional. Tiffani had done her research and successfully compiled the right information to be presented. She also made sure it was reviewed and edited prior to presentation. I would definitely recommend businesses interested in either getting into the IOT space or securing their brand further in the industry work with IOT Marketing directly to make sure it is successful.


CEO | U.S. Energy Recovery

Thank You for your time today. This was educational. I like the format.

Thomas Stark

Amazing webinar! So much great information.

Kim Nguyen

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