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Consumer buying patterns are shifting, which is accelerating digital transformation in retail. Personalized customer experiences are increasing in demand, along with the need for simplified ordering and payment processes. Just-in-time inventory and online shopping complicate the once simple process for retail businesses to sell goods in traditional brick and mortar stores, increasing the need for connected solutions to oversee inventory management, supply chains, and operations.

Join us Thursday, January 21st, 2021 to learn about the digital transformation trends in retail and to see how just-in-time inventory and online shopping are changing the shopping experience in brick and mortar stores.

Discussion Points for Our Retail Event

  • Strategies for integrating IoT solutions for retail on and offline
  • The shift in consumer buying patterns and customer behavior monitoring tools
  • The importance and value of personalized shopping experiences
  • Click and Mortar business models and new approaches to trade
  • Smart retail benefits and trends, such as just in time inventory meets last mile delivery

Our Retail Webinar Speakers



Where and Share Inc.



WIN Connectivity



IoT Marketing LLC

Tiffani Neilson has extensive marketing, branding, and PR experience, as well as deep knowledge about IoT, LPWA, and many other technologies. Honored as a Distinguished Woman of Nevada, she is a published author and former TV host whose work has been syndicated to more than 10 million homes.

Tiffani’s passion for delivering excellence is second to none and evident in her skillful ability to transition projects from strategy to seamless execution. Highly skilled in forming partnerships and developing strategic relationships, Tiffani aligns marketing initiatives with business goals to generate interest, demand, and recognition for businesses and their products.

Her C-level experience in business, along with her background in product development, event management, and communications help Tiffani position brands as industry leaders and drive ROI.

Speakers Wanted

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In these challenging times, IoT Marketing is providing a virtual space to promote thought leadership, guidance, and a sense of community. We are interested in featuring executives willing to showcase their industry expertise, share honest experiences, and provide strategies for staying flexible and adaptable.

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Webinars are a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, highlight your industry expertise, and develop more personal relationships with potential clients and customers. As a lead magnet, they also provide opportunities to promote business cases around products and answer questions in real-time.

Unlike a single-use trade show booth, webinars can be repurposed and repackaged to continue to draw leads even after the live webinar event.

Webinar Reviews From Our Friends in IoT and Tech

This was a very valuable webinar. Thank you for the time invested to bring us this value.

John Fitisemanu

Great format to continue expanding IOT. Fantastic points and exchange of ideas, do appreciate everyone.

Jose Yborra

It was a great experience to participate in a webinar and work with Tiffani and the team at IOT Marketing. Everything about their approach was strategic and professional. Tiffani had done her research and successfully compiled the right information to be presented. She also made sure it was reviewed and edited prior to presentation. I would definitely recommend businesses interested in either getting into the IOT space or securing their brand further in the industry work with IOT Marketing directly to make sure it is successful.


CEO | U.S. Energy Recovery

Thank You for your time today. This was educational. I like the format.

Thomas Stark

Amazing webinar! So much great information.

Kim Nguyen

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