Smart Solutions for Connected Health

The internet of things along with advancements in telehealth, wearables, AI, and robotics are connecting the healthcare industry in unheard-of ways.

Medtech, biosensors, and digital transformation for the hospitals will create streams of health data. But how will it be used?

Join us Thursday, September 24th, as Industry Insights Webinars presents, “Smart Solutions for Connected Health” to learn how these trending topics will shape the future of healthcare and how you can prepare.

Discussion Points

  • 5G’s role in connected health
  • Challenges surrounding big data
  • Pros and cons of virtual care
  • New technologies including predictive analytics, AI, biosensors, and AR/VR




Michael Sack is the founder and lead IoT architect at TeraCode.

TeraCode helps clients design and implement IoT solutions quickly and cost effectively. TeraCodes services include helping clients define and architect their IoT solutions, selecting sensors and establishing connectivity, building and maintaining cloud environments, developing the applications and tools (web and mobile) to visualize data and defining AI and Machine learning objectives so clients can achieve better outcomes and realize the full potential IoT offers.

TeraCode works across many industry verticals including manufacturing, healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, robotics and automation, logistics and in banking and insurance.

TeraCode has connected millions of devices to the Internet ranging from cars to paper towel dispensers to boilers to surgical devices to help our clients be more efficient, save money and provide their customers with better products and services.


One Touch Brands


IoT Marketing LLC



Goldfinch Group- Wellness AI

Thaig Loganathan is the founder of Goldfinch Group and a serial entrepreneur who has been instrumental in implementing niche technologies with the public and private sectors.

Their latest solution, Wellness AI, helps companies manage their business and employees through the phases of reopening and limited operations. Through sensors, data, and technology, Wellness AI helps monitor critical metrics such as operations costs, productivity, contact tracing, and employee sentiment.


Medical Device Maintenance

Special Guest from Jordan, sharing insights on healthcare solutions consultanting, medical devices, strategic planning and management.



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