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Simple IoT for Smart Cities

Smart homes have paved the way for the smart cities of tomorrow. From smart lighting to traffic control, to waste management and public safety surveillance, our cities are in the midst of technological evolutions that will change the way we travel, work, and live.

Join us for IoT Marketing’s, Industry Insights webinar, “Simple IoT for Smart Cities,” where we will discuss strategies for introducing connected solutions to urban centers and which technologies are leading the smart city initiative.

Discussion Points

  • Strategies to consider before launching your smart city transformation
  • Why cities are turning to data driven solutions and what data is being collected
  • How a system of systems approach can improve operations and performance
  • Smart infrastructure for cleaner, greener and safer cities


Christopher Davis


Technicity Consulting & MIT
Bill Pugh


Smart Connections Consulting
Eric Conn


IoT For All
Tiffani Neilson


IoT Marketing LLC

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Chat Reviews

This was a very valuable webinar. Thank you for the time invested to bring us this value.

John Fitisemanu

Amazing Webinar

Kim Nguyen

Thank You for your time today. This was educational. I like the format.

Thomas Stark

Great format to continue expanding IOT. Fantastic points and exchange of ideas, do appreciate everyone.

Jose Yborra

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Sorry, this webinar has passed, but you can still watch the replay.

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