Lead Generation Special Offer

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Offer Details

The landing page will be designed by IoT Marketing and hosted on IoT marketing’s website with your desired call to action. The client may submit content and information to include on the landing page. This will act as a lead funnel and deliver you an ongoing stream of interested leads that have engaged with your product/ service offering. The landing page will also feature your interview once it is produced. Lead reports will be sent automatically once CRM integration is complete.

Opportunity to promote an offer with a call to action during the live webinar

  • A landing page, which will act as a lead funnel for your offer
  • A minimum of one custom graphic with your business and logo designed specifically for your offer used for banner ads, social, and email campaigns
  • Inclusion in IoT Marketing’s webinar marketing:
  • Listed on the IoT Marketing website, offers page and webinar landing page
  • Featured in one email campaign
  • Advertising Placements on blog pages about similar topics
  • Social media campaign posted on each platform
  • Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Offer promoted on the LinkedIn and Facebook event page
  • Post webinar report with leads generated from the landing page, analytics and engagement metrics
  • Lead forwarding for 6 months

$597 (includes 6 months of lead forwarding with no monthly fee)