Connected Food

Food & Beverage Technology Webinar


Industry 4.0 is evolving grocery stores, restaurants, kitchens, farms, and even food itself.

Digital technology is assisting people in choosing what to consume, along with developing new possibilities for how they access and experience food and beverage.

The push for digitization and digitalization is creating new demands for product information and accessibility online, while advanced robotics are evolving the preparation and delivery of food and beverage.

Discussion Points

Food supply & food waste challenges

Innovations in agriculture

Food delivery robots & drones

Grocery & restaurant tech

Our Speakers

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Michael Atkinson

Founder & Partner |

Katie Hotze

Chief Executive Officer | Grocery Shopii

Ali Daniali


Tinia Pina

CEO & Founder | Re-Nuble, Inc.

Precia Carraway

Last Mile Delivery - Drones | Walmart

Thad Leingang

Vice President of Global Sales | Riot Edge Solutions

Johannes Beekman

Chief Executive Officer | IoT Marketing

Tiffani Neilson

Chief Marketing Officer | IoT Marketing

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