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Smart Homes and Home Automation


As personalization, customization and efficiency increase in importance, smart homes are becoming more high-tech with intelligent features that are like science fiction.

Sentient homes offer intuitive controls that can adjust the lighting, temperature, and entertainment based on the user’s preferences, behaviors, and activities.

Innovations around home security, smart appliances and thermostats, home robotics, smart lighting and high-speed connectivity, give the ability to monitor and manage devices from anywhere wirelessly through your smartphone.

But with all the data that smart homes collect, who actually owns that data and how do you find the right solution that does not cause more challenges than it solves?

Living on the Edge

Discussion Points

Work From Home accelerating the need for smart home technology

Privacy challenges surrounding smart homes

Best practices for implementing new technology in the home

Predictions for smart homes of the future

Our Speakers

Explore the forefront of innovation with our distinguished speakers, offering a glimpse into the evolving industry landscape.

Steven Weber

President/CEO | Liaison Home Automation

Bill Pugh

Managing Partner/Director | Smart Connections Consulting, LLC

Robert Skuba

Founder | National Smart Home

Alex Capecelatro


Tiffani Neilson

Chief Marketing Officer | IoT Marketing

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