2020 Solution Spotlight Showcase

Industry Insights has created the Solutions Spotlight Showcase to feature a wide range of solutions designed to enable digital transformation. We see connected solutions as a path forward and an opportunity for all sectors to thrive through these uncertain times and prepare for Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 as we move into 2021.

Discussion Points

  • Digital Transformation and how it is shaping Industry 4.0 and creating the need for Industry 5.0. 
  • Our selection of the Top 10 IoT solutions of 2020. 
  • The need for connected solutions and how to develop your IoT strategy. 





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Your chance to make your connected solution shine!

We’re offering the opportunity to participate in our Solutions
Spotlight edition of Industry Insights Webinars.

This event is open to all industries.

We invite everyone in the IoT ecosystem with a service, product, concept, or brand to submit a request to participate in our Industry Insights webinar, “2020 Solutions Spotlight Showcase.”

This virtual event is intended to feature the most innovative connected solutions from 2020 and align them with the relevant audiences in need of their product or services.

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Chat Reviews

This was a very valuable webinar. Thank you for the time invested to bring us this value.

John Fitisemanu

Amazing Webinar

Kim Nguyen

Thank You for your time today. This was educational. I like the format.

Thomas Stark

Great format to continue expanding IOT. Fantastic points and exchange of ideas, do appreciate everyone.

Jose Yborra

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