Telecom Predictions for the Future of 5G

Telecom Webinar


The entire telecom ecosystem is preparing for the launch of 5G, from the mobile operators deploying the ultra-fast low-latency networks to the IoT businesses, telecommunication services, and standard committees that also play vital roles in its rollout.

IoT Marketing’s new webinar series, Industry Insights, returns with a focus on 5G for the telecom industry.

Living on the Edge

Discussion Points

Which countries are leading the race to 5G

The importance of 4G failover solutions for backup connectivity

How telecom operators are evolving to meet new demands for digital services

New markets and potential use cases for 5G in licensed and unlicensed spectrum

Our Speakers

Explore the forefront of innovation with our distinguished speakers, offering a glimpse into the evolving industry landscape.

Sean Cook

President | Group Purchasing Resources

Patrik Melander

Chairman & CEO | Connect 5G

Mus Lukmani

Sales Director - North America (High CAT modules) | Telit

Karl Weaver

Global Business Development Director |

Tiffani Neilson

Chief Marketing Officer | IoT Marketing

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