Living on the Edge

A Edge & Cloud Computing Webinar


As emerging trends such as Industry 4.0, the Metaverse, and tokenomics take shape, an enormous amount of data will require edge networks. In order to reduce bottlenecks, edge networks facilitate content caching, storage, IoT management, and service delivery.

It is essential for as much processing as possible to be done at the edge. Edge networks are a distributed computing paradigm that bring computation and data storage as close to the request as possible, thus reducing both latency and bandwidth.

Edge networks have revolutionized our ability to leverage the capabilities of advanced technologies and are a necessity for many industries that use them to fuel their operations and decision making.

Living on the Edge

Discussion Points

How and why edge networks are used and how they have evolved

Use Cases for edge networking

Security challenges for edge networks

The relationship between edge networks and the cloud

Our Speakers

Explore the forefront of innovation with our distinguished speakers, offering a glimpse into the evolving industry landscape.

Bill Pugh

Managing Partner | Smart Connections Consulting

Michael Lee Sherwood

Chief Innovation Officer | City of Las Vegas

David Knight

Chief Executive Officer | Terbine

Prasanta Bose

CTO | City Zenith

Altaf Khan

CEO | infXL

Chuck Byers

CTO | Industry IoT Consortium

Tiffani Neilson

Chief Marketing Officer | IoT Marketing

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