January 8

In the Eyes of a Customer: IoT Marketing and Sales

Why do potential customers always seem to find salespeople so distasteful? Even if the product is rock solid and the service is skillful and honest, prospects still look at your employees as rogues and thieves looking to cheat them out of their money. IoT marketing offers further challenges when trying to get through to a customer. Using multiple channels for closing sales improves your chances of selling customers on new technologies.

Why Customers Make You the Enemy

Selling is a battle of wills. No matter what your company offers or how beneficial the product, the average prospect expects the worst. They believe salespeople only care about money. In their minds, your employees don’t care what they sell so long as they get their commission checks.

Your Internet of Things sales force must approach each customer as carefully as possible. The technology continues to develop. Many businesses don’t know or understand the details of these latest trends in connectivity, though. Considering that fact, they might look at your company with an even greater degree of distrust. To them, companies selling emergent technologies don’t care about the customer. Profit margins are the only things that matter.

Overcoming Challenges

Thankfully, a number of solutions exist when overcoming sales challenges. When in doubt, it pays to get another person involved. Find someone not specializing in sales. The prospect has spoken to a salesperson already. Let others use their expertise to build a different kind of rapport.

Contacting someone such as a CEO or VP of Sales lends more weight to the relationship. To a potential customer, these people represent the company as a whole. Their interests lie in making sure the entire company succeeds which can only happen by meeting customers’ needs. Those in senior positions don’t have anyone’s commission check in mind.

Prospective clients might not always distrust salespeople. They may avoid purchasing if they have an issue with features, too. In these instances, seek outside help from customer support staff or engineers. Let them reach out and explore what a customer needs. Providing additional information about products and services can help set a prospect’s mind at ease. Like everyone, they want to have all the facts before making any purchase.

Internal sales support can fail. At times, your sales staff need to reach out to prospects who didn’t choose your company. Take this opportunity to figure out why they chose to go a different route for their solutions. These answers can help you tailor your IoT marketing approach to customers in the future. They can also help you make sure that prospects become satisfied clients.

Building Trust

Salespeople may only utilize these techniques when a customer proves difficult to convince. Tapping into these resources builds business no matter how a potential sale goes. Reach out to people throughout your company when working with clients. If they decided to go with a unique or complex feature, have a customer specialist proactively offer assistance should they need it. Enlist higher-ups to write short emails thanking clients for their business. Customers want to know that your company appreciates them.

These tactics work especially well when the sale takes a team effort. You built the initial relationship with a customer. However, having others there who can help gives your new client peace of mind. They want to know that they can rely on your company regardless of who they talk to or what they need. These simple gestures build trust and rapport.


Sales teams specializing in new technologies face unique challenges. Prospects view these salespeople with suspicion and distrust. Effective IoT marketing makes the process easier. Your company should always provide as much information to clients as possible. Doing removes the stereotype of the commission-driven salesperson. It also shows potential clients that you want to make sure they get the right products and services.


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