Industrial IoT, Smart Cities

How Industrial IoT Is Paving the Way to a Smarter World

New names are emerging from the modern industrial world such as "Industry 4.0," which comprises Industrial IoT and smart manufacturing. The term refers to factories with digital infrastructure that collect big data on production processes. As smart factories continue to demonstrate the benefits of digital transformation, society will begin to [...]

Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing

Merging Smart Cities with Smart Manufacturing

Early adopters of smart manufacturing are already rethinking production methods and how to build factories embedded with connected digital technology. In some cases, factories share the same IoT network as smart cities for synergy and achieving seamless integration. Here's a brief look at how smart cities and smart manufacturers are [...]

Smart Cities, Smart Cities in the USA

Top 10 Innovative Smart Cities in the USA

American cities have a growing interest in joining the smart technology revolution since it cuts costs and improves quality of life. It’s a solution that resolves several urban and rural problems at once, as cities must deal with growing populations and demand for energy and other resources. تنزيل اموال حقيقية [...]

Smart Cities, Smart City Strategy

How to Develop a Successful Smart City Strategy

Planning a smart city strategy helps guide city leaders toward a more efficient infrastructure and a better quality of life for residents. Many local jurisdictions are looking for ways to adopt more efficient and reliable processes in the face of numerous challenges, such as climate change, a growing population, pollution, [...]

Big Data Analytics, Smart Cities

How Big Data Analytics Can Massively Impact Your Business

The driving force that is enhancing businesses today is big data analytics. It has become the key to instant market research and critical decision-making. The more data your enterprise can collect on its external and internal activity, the better chance you have at weeding out operational waste and increasing productivity.How [...]

Big Data Analytics in Smart Cities, Smart Cities

Big Data’s Role in Smart Cities

Based on UN projections, approximately two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas by 2050. This means big cities must start planning for this expansion using big data analytics in smart cities. The advent of the smart city is based on various advanced technologies, such as IoT, AI, [...]

Big Data in Healthcare, Smart Cities

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Big Data

The use of big data in healthcare is expanding all the time due to new technologies and increasingly positive patient experiences. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been particularly helpful at reducing the number of patients in emergency rooms and hospital beds. And as more and more hospitals go digital [...]

Smart Building Technology, Smart Cities

Entering the New Era of Smart Buildings

Modern buildings are being designed to provide solutions far beyond just their original purpose of offering protection from environmental elements. In addition to shelter and warmth, new building designs include digital technologies that provide a wide range of capabilities that can help occupants control elements of their indoor quality. The [...]

Smart Cities

Government 4.0 for Citizen-Centric Smart Cities

A Smart City is only as good as the interoperability between citizens, information, the environment, policy, technology, infrastructure, and local government. Like a well-planned smart city, government 4.0 innovations should be defined by their ability to adapt, support, and meet the needs of the people.Implementing a Smart City is a [...]

Smart Cities

How Digital Twins Impact Smart City Design

Digital twin technology empowers future innovations by allowing systems to be simulated and tested long before a physical prototype has been built. When it comes to creating a city, advancements in building information modeling (BIM) tools for design and construction can recreate urban environments that include buildings, terrain, infrastructure, landscapes, [...]