AR and VR in Construction

AR and VR in Construction: How It’s Ruling the Industry for 2021 and Beyond

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been used in the entertainment industry for many decades. However, these technologies aren’t only used in those situations. In fact, AR and VR are becoming popular for many construction operations. There are many uses for these technologies, such as advanced simulators to [...]

Smart Construction

How Smart Construction Might Transform the Way We Build Post-COVID

The pandemic has taken a toll on many things, but COVID-19 has also reshaped the way people live. Apartment living has become undesirable due to increased risk of catching the disease. Along with that, rental properties aren’t allowing people to move in because they’re afraid of the moratorium on evictions. [...]

Construction Technology

How Modern Technologies Pave the Way for Digital Construction

The construction industry is helping pioneer what’s called “digital transformation” in which businesses become more cloud-based, digital, and interactive. Here’s a look at how construction technology is improving the construction industry and beyond with greater accuracy, speed, and analytical capabilities. Related: Connected Jobsites: How IoT Is Streamlining Construction Virtual and [...]

Connected Jobsites

Connected Jobsites: How IoT Is Streamlining Construction

IoT is now facilitating what are known as connected jobsites. With IoT, all personnel can have access to relevant data wherever they happen to be across the site. Read on: How IoT is Changing the Construction Industry Benefits of Connected Jobsites Thanks to IoT, connected jobsites become possible, and the [...]