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Making the Case for Establishing a Smart Supply Chain

The COVID-19 outbreak has put pressure on manufacturers and suppliers to make their operations more digital and IoT-based. Because of this, a smart supply chain is definitely one solution that should be considered. Using disruptive technologies, a smart supply chain helps reduce stress surrounding issues, such as costs, compliance, and [...]

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IoT Marketing to Host Upcoming Webinar on Existing Challenges for Manufacturing Industry, Highlighting Solutions for a Path Forward

AUSTIN, Texas, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To help manufacturing firms struggling to operate in a post-pandemic environment, IoT Marketing will be holding a webinar, entitled Global Challenges in 2020 for the Manufacturing Industry, on June 25, 2020. The manufacturing industry is facing many challenges as it tries to keep [...]

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How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting Supply Chain Systems: Rethinking the Supply Chain Paradigm

Exposing various vulnerabilities in global supply chain systems, the coronavirus pandemic has raised awareness about the importance of choosing, maintaining, and replacing supply chain vendors. While much emphasis has been placed on maintaining supplies and keeping customers satisfied, at some point, supply chains must be evaluated. Operations are not as [...]

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Powering Through the Crisis: Accelerating Onshore Manufacturing with Cobots and CNC Machining

Before the pandemic, it was well known that several industries in the U.S. have been facing a skilled-labor shortage. According to Deloitte, the manufacturing industry was no exception, with estimates of 2.4 million unfilled positions by 2028. The Road to Recovery Around the world, shelter-in-place orders are beginning to lift, [...]

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Will COVID-19 Disrupt China’s Role as “The World’s Factory”?

Decades of globalization have contributed to a concentration of manufacturing hubs in areas with the most competitive advantages. Following the pandemic, a survey released mid-April by The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) noted that 75% of U.S. companies experienced supply chain disruptions. Additionally, almost half of the respondents reported lowered [...]

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Disrupting the Production Line with AI Edge Inference

In the manufacturing industry, some of the most closely guarded secrets revolve around production line innovations. In the race to ultra-efficiency, companies are experimenting with new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that will help keep them miles ahead of the competition. Artificial Intelligence (AI) chipsets for edge inference are [...]

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The Growing Potential of Edge Computing to Transform the Manufacturing Industry

Millions of electronic devices have encountered edge computing in the processing and delivery of data across large networks. Throughout the past decade, this process has proven to be a practical solution for handling the proliferation of IoT devices and modern applications that depend on real-time computing power. Here, we’ll discuss [...]

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How Edge Computing Will Change IoT Communication

Direct Network Edge Connectivity Edge computing brings computing power as close as possible to the edge of the network. It speeds up response time from 60 to under 20 milliseconds. A major advantage of this method is that it allows for direct private connections which enhance application performance and user [...]

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Understanding the Basics of Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things, also referred to as industrial IoT, is used regularly in businesses across the globe. Most people have a general idea of what “the Internet of Things” means, yet this technology plays a unique role for businesses. Let’s take a look at what this term really [...]

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Industrial IoT Highlighted at IoT Evolution Expo 2019

All eyes (and ears) turn to Industrial IoT (IIoT) as the 20th IoT Evolution Expo opened at the end of January 2019 in Florida. The event had more than 20 exhibitors and speakers and covered other important IoT-related tracks such as healthcare, smart cities, and low-power wide-area network (LPWAN). According [...]