December 22

Successful IoT Marketing Content: Factors Beyond Word Count

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing concept with more people and businesses looking for ways to adopt its diverse applications. Your IoT marketing strategy has the power to determine whether you or your competitor gets these new business leads. One of the factors you must consider is whether you are maintaining a good online presence and ranking highly in search engine results. Many studies have been conducted that have found a correlation between the length of the online content and search engine rankings; but to be effective, you must look further than that.

Where Current Content-Length Studies Fall Short

Although several studies have concluded that longer articles rank higher, it’s necessary to interrogate these results. It should go without saying that your potential clients care more about the content of your business blog than about the word count. These studies, although they make use of large data set, simplify the relationship between word count and rankings.

One of the factors that must be taken into consideration is the kinds of keyword categories being looked at. For example, people searching for the best restaurants in their area may not be looking for lengthy articles but a quick source of information. Different industries may show different trends when it comes to the length and type of content people are looking for. Another important fact is that search engines rank content based on a variety of factors such as SEO and relevance which may or may not be achieved better in longer content.

Maximizing Your Content

Before you post any content on your business blog or website, you must have a target audience in mind. Is your content geared towards home users of the technology, small businesses, or large commercial clients? Are they looking for quick solutions or an in-depth breakdown of IoT technology? Once you are clear about this, you can tailor your content to their needs and interests as well as to your objectives for posting content.

Your IoT marketing strategy can take different forms. Perhaps you want to generate new business leads and be the go-to website for installation or troubleshooting answers. Your readers want content that contains more useful and expert knowledge without all the filler words and fluff.

Another important aspect you should focus on, apart from the information included, is the writing style and technique. Is it too casual or too formal? Is it oversimplified or far too complex for your purposes and audience? Is your content well-written, free from errors, and easy to digest? The more readable your content, the more readers are likely to find it useful and make it to the end. You should also take advantage of keyword density recommendations so that you reach those looking for content such as yours.

When you have specific IoT marketing objectives in mind, it matters much less which rules you follow about the word count of your content. If you can produce quality content that adds value to your readers and you can make use of SEO tools, your content is more likely to be appreciated, shared, and ranked higher in search results.


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