Data Ownership

What Is Smart Data Ownership?

The smart revolution has extended beyond phones to cars, eHealth devices, wearable trackers, home devices, and even cities. IoT has taken over. For those yet unfamiliar, IoT is basically sensors able to capture data which can be analyzed and put to use by individuals or businesses for a variety of [...]

Smart Appliances Security

5 Ways to Keep Smart Appliances Safe from Security Threats

You may not know it, but the electronics embedded in your smart appliances provide an easy place for cybercriminals to breach the security of your home network. Cyber thieves don’t need computers to access your most vital data, instead, they may use robot networks or botnets within your appliances. Botnet [...]

IoT Vulnerabilities

The Top 10 Vulnerabilities in IoT Devices

Thanks to the unprecedented evolution of digital technology, today, we have super-intelligent devices in our daily lives that can communicate with each other. Practical and revolutionary, the use of IoT devices is happening everywhere and is helping to make life easier for so many people and businesses.Still, there are critical [...]