January 10

Tips for Your IoT Business: Getting Through a Gatekeeper

One of the most effective IoT business techniques is getting past a gatekeeper and communicating with a decision maker that will ultimately enable you to gain a new client. As you may know, it is very rare to get in contact with a decision maker on the first call. Instead, you are typically talking to an administrative assistant or an intern, which is also known as a gatekeeper. These employees are the primary obstacle between you and a successful sales transaction. Ultimately, the decision is in their hands if they decide to tell someone else in the company about the value of your product.

Understanding how to get a gatekeeper to let you talk to a decision maker is a critical step— that is usually the difference between a successful or unsuccessful sale. Here are a few ways that you can get them to buy into your vision, which will lead you into direct contact with a decision maker that can choose to use your services:

Provide Value

Providing value about the various ways that a company can use the Internet of Things is the first step in your sales process. Clearly communicating with a gatekeeper will help them understand the value of your technology and you will be much more likely to get into contact with a decision maker that can choose to use your product long-term.

One of the best ways to provide value is to minimize the risk involved and expand on the various rewards. You can also talk about the many problems that you can solve and how it can be of help in completing individual goals. As you know, each company has unique needs and the ability to identify these needs can be the difference in gaining a new client.

Create Trust

Another excellent IoT business tip is the ability to gain trust from a potential client. Building trust is not a complicated process, it simply consists of honesty and being straightforward. As you may know, a company has three needs that include company, department, and individual. Building trust in all of these compartments is critical in having a successful relationship that can help them save much-needed money and time. The use of testimonials is a great way to show a client that you follow through on your promises and that you are a trustworthy company. On the other hand, companies that fail to gain the trust of a potential client are at a severe disadvantage and will be unable to create a successful relationship with a potential client.

Counteract Objections

Throughout any sales process, you will always face objections and obstacles that you must overcome. The common objections can range from lack of time, bad experiences, low priority, and lack of information. All of these objections can be countered to use to your advantage. Being prepared for each one and taking the time to create a well-thought response can be a big factor into a successful sales pitch. On the other hand, if you fail to prepare for any counter-objections, you have a much higher chance of failing to get through a gatekeeper.


As you can see, creating an IoT business can be a challenging but worthwhile process. Understanding the various techniques to communicate with a gatekeeper can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sales transaction. Providing value, creating trust, and overcoming objections are three key steps to success. Begin using these techniques today and start experiencing the many benefits of effective communication that will lead you to many new sales in the future.


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