July 5

Video Marketing Trends for Engagement and Conversion

The global pandemic has brought many uncertainties to the corporate environment, especially when it comes to in-person business transactions. This has caused most businesses to establish an online presence and offer their services virtually instead. From local enterprise to large global ventures, companies are adjusting to the new normal and shifting their focus to online video marketing.

In the current digital age, brands are using these three video marketing trends to ignite traffic engagement and maximize conversions:

1. Vlogging

Vloggers are becoming more popular while vlogging (video blogging) is frequently advancing to become one of the most attractive methods to interact with target audiences from different backgrounds. Previously, people used to document their personal life in videos to express themselves or showcase their expertise, nowadays, established brands and popular influencers are using vlogging to engage with their customers.

Businesses launch YouTube channels for sharing behind-the-scenes activities, success stories and updates when launching a new product or service. Companies are actively embracing modern video marketing strategies across numerous digital channels to promote their products. A surge of video uploads is expected in 2021, with approximately 1.3 million anticipated video uploads per day, or 55,594 videos an hour.

The main goal of YouTube’s search and content discovery experience is:

  • To help the audience find their most preferred videos
  • To increase long term viewer interaction and satisfaction

Brands are also tweaking vlogging with leaders who publish videos and act like executive influencer marketers sharing their personal experiences and tips with their social followers, ultimately promoting the brand. Generally, vlogging has helped businesses establish consumer trust by speaking to the audience through influencers who are more appealing and authentic than corporate advertisements.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

Animation videos are effective in promoting actionable content marketing strategies. The constant growth of video streaming social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok has seen a tremendous increase in the consumption of animated video marketing practices.

The ever-rising admiration of explainer videos has seen many companies worldwide turn to animated videos to creatively entertain, engage their audience and educate their customers about how to use their products and services while promoting them in the process.

Branding and marketing agencies have discovered that many people like entertaining content. Short commercials, trade shows, product marketing demos, and software app introductions create innovative, fresh, and eye-catching animation videos to keep their audiences coming back for more.

3. LinkedIn Live Video

A study by Hubspot confirmed that 54% of customers want to view more video content from businesses and brands they support. Additionally, it is predicted that 70% of the total mobile traffic will be driven by video content in 2021. The increase of live video streaming as a brand’s marketing strategy is expected to continue growing with more focus on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Live, private video messaging, native video, and LinkedIn Stories with video have been launched as part of video conferencing to help businesses build out their company pages and profiles with attractive and engaging video marketing content.

Live video marketing has become one of the most preferred and powerful platforms for customer interaction in the modern digital space. From news feeds to practically all social media channels, video marketing has become a popular content of choice due to its ability to transfer information quickly and effectively to a vast audience.

If you are willing to market and sell your products remotely, you will have to adapt to video marketing to gain and keep a competitive advantage.


Video marketing practices like LinkedIn Live video streaming, vlogging, animated explainers and others are expected to dominate screens for many years to come. Going forward, the use of video as part of a diversified digital marketing strategy will help businesses remain active, relevant, and engaged with key audiences to stay top of mind for their product or service.


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