November 8

Why Executive Presence Matters for an IoT Business

When the average person is asked whether he or she has executive presence, there is usually a short pause and an answer in the affirmative. Just about no one rapidly responds in the negative. There is no shame in thinking you have executive presence. Executive presence is the same for an IoT business and those who work in all other realms of business: it is “it” --- meaning command of the room. Those with executive presence are immediately engaging. These leaders speak with a voice and tone that inspires others to listen closely. Just as important is the fact that their word choice, tone, and elocution inspire others to act.

Perceived Executive Presence

It is interesting to note those who are perceived as inspirational or authoritative tend to be promoted to positions of leadership. Executive presence really does go a long way in helping one climb the corporate ladder at an IoT business or elsewhere. If you can convince others, you exhibit grace under fire, remain confident at all times, stay poised, and are consistently decisive, you will be perceived as a leader.

Perceived executive presence is also centered on one's ability to communicate with clarity. Those who are skilled elocutionists, assertive and skilled at reading others tend to lead in an effective manner. Furthermore, perceived executive presence is partially attributed to image. Those who look the part tend to be perceived as natural leaders. Do your best to appear professional at all times and others will view you as worthy of a promotion.

How to Determine If You Really Have Executive Presence

If you do not have executive presence or are unsure if you have it, do not panic. It is possible to gradually develop executive presence. What matters is that you have self-confidence, are willing to deal with the unexpected, and communicate in a clear and cogent manner. These are the challenges that go hand-in-hand with executive leadership roles. Jump at every opportunity to refine your public speaking skills. If you become comfortable speaking in front of others with your executive voice, your communication skills will quickly become one of your most important strengths.

The Wow Factor is Within Your Reach

The "wow factor" of executive presence refers to one's ability to draw in others. This magnetism empowers one to influence others. If you are struggling to be a social magnet, alter your approach. Raise the volume of your voice, speak with conviction, smile, be passionate, display energy and use clear body language. Do not be afraid to make eye contact, press the flesh and establish yourself as a legitimate authority. If others revere you for your intellect, social graces and attitude, they will perceive you as a genuine leader.

You Have the Opportunity to Establish Executive Presence

If you are not satisfied with your leadership abilities or are looking to establish executive presence, your willingness to change will ultimately prove to be what matters most. Those at your IoT business will hold you in high regard if you lead by example and make an effort to listen. Become a leader and it will not be long until your colleagues hold you in high regard, praise your executive presence and proactively help you make the most of your opportunities.


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