Digital Twin Technology

Business Applications of IoT and Digital Twin Technology

Think of digital twin technology sort of like team practice prior to a game. A “digital twin” is essentially the “scrimmage” before a game with a competing team. Like practice, the digital twin can be used to run a variety of scenarios which tell those who program, design, and launch [...]

Data Security

Detecting and Preventing Data Security Breaches: What You Should Know

When it comes to data security, many businesses aren’t up to par. Just take a look at some of the ones in the media over the past few years. It took those companies months to figure out that there was something wrong! For example, Verifone had a data breach for [...]

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention Strategies You Should Use in Your Business

Data plays a huge role in organizational operations today, irrespective of industry. While digital technologies greatly promote automation and cost-efficiency, they nevertheless pose a considerable risk for your company’s confidential data, such as customer databases, trade secrets, and financial information. Related: All You Need to Know About Ransomware and Ways [...]

Webinar Marketing

3 Ways to Ensure Webinar Marketing Success

Many companies have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic in multiple ways, and one such area that has been majorly impacted is marketing. Typical promotional initiatives, like having a booth at an industry conference, have been either non-existent or extremely difficult to do over the last year. However, this has [...]

Top Data Breaches

Learning from Top Data Breaches in History

Even though you may not hear much about the top data breaches in the news unless you read tech publications, several horrific examples have occurred in the past few decades. These cybersecurity meltdowns can cost millions of dollars to fix the damages on top of litigation and reputation issues. Here’s [...]

ITS Cybersecurity

ITS Cybersecurity is Important in the Age of Smart Vehicles

Cars keep getting smarter, but so do hackers, which is why Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) need to invest in the most robust ITS cybersecurity available. Self-driving cars are in their infancy, while hackers have now been around for decades. Here’s a look at the current solutions for an ITS to [...]

Transportation Network Security

Challenges and Solutions in Transportation Network Security

As smart technology evolves, logistics firms will need to stay up-to-date on the latest transportation network security. Companies involved in any type of IoT infrastructure need to always stay several steps ahead of cybercriminals. Here’s a look at challenges in the near future for making Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) more [...]

IIoT Security

Why You Need to Strengthen Your IIoT Security

Securing an IIoT network certainly seems inherently challenging, yet doing absolutely nothing and allowing cyber miscreants to pilfer data is not the answer. IIoT, short for Industrial Internet of Things, connects industrial devices to one another, allowing data to be gathered and analyzed to provide important insights and make business [...]

Healthcare Data Security

Healthcare Data Security: Ways to Safeguard Private Health Information

A strong and comprehensive healthcare data security program is not limited to compliance. Compliance is certainly important, yet it will not suffice in and of itself. Let’s take a quick look at a few tips that will help your business stay well-protected against ever-evolving digital threats that target healthcare data [...]

Ransomware Protection

All You Need to Know About Ransomware and Ways to Prevent It

What is a Ransomware Attack? A ransomware attack uses malicious software to encrypt your data or lock your computer. It then demands money for the owners to gain access. Often, the only way out once infected is paying the ransom. Read on: 5 Ways to Keep Smart Appliances Safe from [...]