Endpoint Security

3 Reasons Why Endpoint Security Is Essential to the Success of Your Business

With the increased use of online platforms, websites, and social networks, businesses are looking to keep up with emerging opportunities for customer engagement. For this reason, businesses continue to expand access to their network by allowing employees to target, recruit and grow their customer base with wireless and mobile devices [...]

Endpoint Security Solution

Endpoint Security Solutions Every SMB Should Know

Every small business should prioritize endpoint security solutions to minimize risks associated with cybercrime. Any business can be breached at some point. Here's a look at why endpoint security solutions must be part of your overall data protection plan.Avoiding Suspicious Emails and AttachmentsThe most common reason for cybersecurity breaches is [...]

IoT Marketing

Strengthen Your IoT Marketing Efforts with Three Effective Closing Strategies

IoT marketing endeavors are going to be more successful if the salespeople using them are informed regarding the best closing strategies. These strategies must be practiced and honed with relevant data. That in mind, three strategies that can help you attain more effective closing include:The inoffensive/logical closeSelf-convincingClient-initiated closure 1. The [...]

Closing Deals

5 Effective Sales Strategies for Closing Deals Faster

Businesses need to reevaluate their sales strategies, as customers continually change how they make their purchase decisions. Such changes in customer behavior present a thin line between persuasively marketing your products or services and sounding annoying and arrogant. However, with a solid strategy, your company can be in a better [...]

IoT Vulnerabilities

The Top 10 Vulnerabilities in IoT Devices

Thanks to the unprecedented evolution of digital technology, today, we have super-intelligent devices in our daily lives that can communicate with each other. Practical and revolutionary, the use of IoT devices is happening everywhere and is helping to make life easier for so many people and businesses.Still, there are critical [...]

Battery Supply Chain

An Inside Look at the Battery Supply Chain Problems in the United States

The battery supply chain in the United States is saddled with a litany of challenges. This is precisely why the Biden administration recently stated it will implement a plan to review the country’s supply chain. The review will span 100 days, keying in on computer chips, lithium-ion for electric vehicles, [...]

5G and Supply Chain

How 5G and Supply Chain Logistics Are Converging

Mixing 5G and supply chain logistics is a steadily growing strategy for industrial facilities and many other types of businesses. Hospitals, utilities, and manufacturing plants need massive bandwidth to handle the big data coming from IoT sensors. Embracing 5G is leading to faster and more reliable networking with minimal disruptions.There [...]

5G and Energy

Building Sustainability into Infrastructure with 5G and Energy Alternatives

Everywhere you turn, there are predictions about the future. But speculation itself is often a business that sells possibilities, rather than truth.Meanwhile, news about 5G and energy alternatives beyond fossil fuels has been relatively quiet until the pandemic, despite years of technological innovation.Here's how 5G and renewable energy are part [...]

Sustainable Agriculture

How IoT Contributes to Sustainable Agriculture

Every April 22nd is Earth Day which marks a celebration of our planet, the importance of reducing individual carbon footprints, and keeping human activity ecologically balanced with the environment. While the concept of sustainable agriculture has existed for decades, it has become more relevant as farmers and agribusinesses begin focusing [...]

Qualifying Leads

3 Ways to Enhance the Process of Qualifying Leads with AI and Personalization

In business, success can be tied to several factors. But the efficiency of generating and qualifying leads can make or break your company. Therefore, companies tend to be aggressive with lead generation efforts to power the sales pipeline.In the era of the internet and AI, businesses can now use integrated [...]