3 Reasons Why Endpoint Security Is Essential to the Success of Your Business

April 30

With the increased use of online platforms, websites, and social networks, businesses are looking to keep up with emerging opportunities for customer engagement. For this reason, businesses continue to expand access to their network by allowing employees to target, recruit and grow their customer base with wireless and mobile devices typically reserved for personal use.

While it may seem like a good, thoughtful, and business-worthy decision, bring your own device (BYOD) policies and unchecked access to the network leaves your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A cyber-attack on your network is done through endpoints; these are desktops, computers, laptops, and smartphones connected to the network. They are essentially any device that your employees use for communication and sharing of data.

Due to the possibility an attack on their system, other businesses are reluctant to allow access to their network, which can put limitations on their growth and success. However, to remedy this fear, reliable and robust endpoint security may prove to be the gateway to a thriving and secure business network.

Here are three reasons why endpoint security is essential for your business:

1. Protection Against Insider Threats

A business network is available and accessible to a handful of employees; consequently, most data breaches are traceable within the organization. On rare occasions, rogue personnel may be responsible for compromising the network. However, in most cases, endpoint attacks occur through an unsuspecting employee.

While most employees can seamlessly maneuver through the network, over 55% of employees are susceptible to phishing attacks. Phishing is the attempt to deceive employees or other individuals into disclosing sensitive information. It occurs when an unsuspecting employee clicks on an email or a link allowing hackers to access your network.

To alleviate these unforeseen threats to a business network, endpoint security offers protection of all endpoint devices. This approach consists of continuous monitoring of the network, data collection on endpoint activity, and threat detection for improved remediation response time.

2. Safeguard Communication Devices and Channels

Businesses rely on feedback from the customer to meet current demands and anticipate future trends. Mobile phones, in particular, are responsible for establishing, enabling, and developing a market.

Smartphones are convenient devices for employees. They allow employees to relay timely feedback to clients. For this reason, business related communication must remain uninterrupted. Unfortunately, mobile devices may be used as entry points for attacks. Luckily, endpoint security and its essential components are available and can be extended to mobile devices. In instances of a possible attack, the endpoint system diagnoses and alerts your employees, which gives them a head start in safeguarding sensitive information. The extra response time allows your business to maintain the security of important customer data that could otherwise be sold or leaked onto public forums.

3. Proactively Trained Employees

Employees are integral to the success of your business. It is therefore reasonable that they should to be adequately trained on basic security policies before gaining access to your network.

In a recent survey, more than half of IT professionals were concerned over misuse of endpoints by remote workers. Another 88% of professionals deemed skills in endpoint management as essential with the increased risk of security breaches for companies of all sizes. It further pointed out that with proper training employees can avoid being a victim . If the need arises, they can take proactive steps to individually detect and eliminate the chances of an attack.

Bottom Line

Unsurprisingly, many businesses are looking to adopt reliable endpoint security systems, and there are countless benefits accrued from ensuring your devices are secure.

By reducing the chances of cyber-attack, your business can engage with existing and potential customers without the fear of compromising your network. When everyone employs robust endpoint security solutions, it builds confidence in the market and, consequently, a path to ensure customers can put their trust in your business.

Johannes Beekman

About the author

Our CEO has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing in the high-tech industry. Johannes has worked for 25 years in the semiconductor industry, where he worked for Philips, Infineon, and Sematech in various management positions in process development, engineering, operations, and sales and marketing. While working for Philips, he was an engineering manager in 2 wafer fab startups. And while at Sematech, he managed various international technical symposia. He has built 3 successful digital marketing companies in the past 8 years. His focus is marketing integration, marketing technology, SEO, and inbound and outbound marketing. And he has developed a content creation system that uses the AIDA model to develop content for every stage of the sales funnel. Johannes has experience working with companies in manufacturing, the high-tech industry, process industry, IT, healthcare, and legal industry, and he has published on several trade-focused websites.


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