April 29

Endpoint Security Solutions Every SMB Should Know

Every small business should prioritize endpoint security solutions to minimize risks associated with cybercrime. Any business can be breached at some point. Here's a look at why endpoint security solutions must be part of your overall data protection plan.

Avoiding Suspicious Emails and Attachments

The most common reason for cybersecurity breaches is associated with attacks launched through email. Hackers pose as trusted sources to lure workers into clicking a link to a free download that unleashes malware. As one of the most important endpoint security solutions, it's crucial to set policies on what types of emails can be clicked.

Some businesses prohibit employees from opening any email attachments since viruses can spread through links to PDFs and other file formats. Others permit opening attachments, usually as long as they are expected. It's a weak policy, for example, to allow employees to open unsolicited attachments because it leaves your business wide open to an attack.

Detecting Bugs, Worms, and Viruses

It's possible for a worker to click a link that downloads spyware to their computer without knowing it, unless they run software that detects such intrusions. Running an anti-virus program and 24/7 monitoring software will help identify and block unwanted visitors on your network. It's critical, however, to keep antivirus software updated and to replace it once it becomes outdated.

Part of your cybersecurity policy should define what types of websites your employees are allowed to visit. One of the dangers of letting employees surf online wherever they want is they may encounter malvertising in which malware-infected ads appear on legitimate websites. Hackers can use ad networks as channels for launching malware attacks via websites without the owners knowing it.

Use of Automation and AI Software

One way to strengthen your endpoint security is to add automation and machine learning tools to your system. Automation eliminates errors and detects suspicious activity while your staff is sleeping. A major benefit to this technology is it can send you alerts when cyber-threats are in progress. Machine learning accelerates problem-solving by analyzing a wealth of data in a short period and using historical data to evaluate and suggest solutions.

Replacing Legacy Hardware and Software

Hackers target small businesses that use old equipment due to the vulnerabilities involved. Technology companies commonly stop servicing products they release after a decade. Businesses that stick with legacy equipment must rely on third parties to repair it when technical difficulties arise. Newer equipment may have stronger security measures integrated into the design.

Replacing old technology applies to software as much as hardware. Software particularly becomes vulnerable when hackers discover how to exploit a system weakness that requires a security patch. Even if your company cannot afford to invest in modern equipment, it's smart to learn how legacy systems are among the easiest for hackers to compromise.

Ultimate Data Protection Against Ransomware

Every business must build a strong defense against ransomware, which is malware that freezes up computers until the user pays the criminal ransom in cryptocurrency. Ransomware is most commonly spread through email links in phishing schemes. The best defense against ransomware attackers is a well-trained staff in which employees exercise caution in what they click.

It's also wise, but should go without saying, for companies to routinely back up all their critical data. Failing to always have fresh backup copies favors the attacker's goals, which can be to shut the operation down by locking up computers, preventing access to important data. As long as you have the most critical data backed up, you'll have no reason to cave in to the ransomware attacker's demands.


There's an effective endpoint security solution for every common cyber-threat scenario. It's important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity so you can protect your network from hacker disruptions.


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