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Nurture IoT Business Leads by Strengthening Human Relationships

05 Feb
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The entire world is jumping on board with the Internet of Things (IoT) business applications, so it’s vital that CEOs and CTOs of these enterprises help their customers face the challenges of this digital revolution. By emphasizing the impact of how connecting to everything and everyone— no matter where they’re located— is a necessity today, as well as using a personal approach, you can nurture leads and business engagement with your target audience.

Keep It Human

Although IoT business implementation deals with digital transformation, it’s important that your marketing plan fosters the human factor when nurturing leads. When you develop your sales and marketing strategies, emphasize to your team the importance of building trusting relationships and emotional connections with your prospects.

In a technological world of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, it’s vital for CEOs to add a human touch when engaging prospects, customers, and employees.

Communication Is Essential

Encouraging communication with your staff is essential for creating a positive workplace. When you openly communicate with your teams about your goals, it makes them feel like important assets to your business. Ask for their ideas and express concern for their well-being.

Once they share your goals, they’ll communicate with each other and your customers. This allows your sales and marketing teams to work together to lead your buyers along the sales funnel and increase positive customer experiences.

As they share their insights, your customer retention rates grow and you attract more high-quality leads.

Provide Relevant Content

Strategically providing your target audience with content relevant to the way IoT can help their businesses to collect, store, and analyze data is important during the buyer’s journey.

Each of these buyer’s journey stages requires content nurturing strategies that move your buyers toward the final conversion:

  • Awareness – At this point, your prospects realize that they need solutions to maximize productivity and enhance their business profits. They’re not sure about how to solve their problems, but they’re researching information before making any decisions. When creating content for this stage, provide as much value as possible, avoiding sales pressure. Blog posts are a good way to publish informative content that answers questions, educates your prospects on the benefits of IoT, and strengthens your brand.
  • Consideration – At this stage of the buyer’s journey, prospects are still looking into all their options. They’re trying to determine the trends and value of adopting connected operations like smart devices, intelligent storage, and business automation. Nurture your leads at this stage with information that presents your business as a leader in the industry, highlighting your expertise by publishing eBooks, guides, presentations, and videos.
  • Decision – Now your buyers are ready to make a purchase decision on their digital transformation efforts. They’ve researched all their options and they want specific information about your products and services. It’s time for your sales team to contact your qualifying leads, explaining how your company can help them solve their problems using the latest technology.

Your content should include reports, testimonials, white papers, and case studies that show how you’ve helped other businesses implement technologies and strategies for digital transformation.


As a CEO of an IoT business, it’s essential for you to nurture leads by building personal relationships with both your prospects and your employees. With the increasing growth of the digital transformation economy, the time could never be better for attracting qualifying leads to your business.