February 13

IoT Evolution Expo Recap: IoT Technology Will Transform the Healthcare Industry

There were a lot of activities at the IoT Evolution Expo at Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Country Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida two weeks ago. Known to be the event that hails IoT technology, IoT Evolution has again impressed its attendees with groundbreaking IoT solutions that help improve business operations and generate revenue opportunities.

IoT Healthcare Conference

The IoT Healthcare Conference was collocated with the IoT Evolution Expo. The conference covered a wide array of IoT solutions and opportunities for medical organizations that will tremendously change the way they provide service to their patients. The overarching theme of the IoT Evolution Healthcare Conference was IoT technology will change the entire healthcare industry.

IoT in Healthcare

The Internet of Things has already started making its presence known in the healthcare world. With all the developments that IoT brings about, more and more healthcare providers are turning to IoT solutions. In fact, it’s estimated that the global healthcare sector will pour about $410 billion into IoT devices, software, and services in 2022. It is no surprise that the technology receives a lot of attention in healthcare due to its numerous benefits.

Remote Patient Care

One of the topics discussed at the IoT healthcare conference was remote patient monitoring. The problem with traditional patient monitoring is that patients that are not physically present in hospitals usually can’t get the care they deserve. With the involvement of IoT in healthcare, modern patient monitoring allows healthcare providers to manage and monitor their patients’ health without requiring those patients to be confined to hospitals. It means that patients can receive the care they need from the comfort of their home while their health is constantly being monitored.

Simplify Inventory Control and Asset Tracking

To provide quality service to patients, healthcare businesses depend on their medical equipment, tools, and staff. However, tracking all these assets is not that easy for healthcare professionals. This is where IoT solutions come in handy. For instance, real-time location systems can be used to monitor where things are and what things are needed. Medical employees can know what medical equipment and drugs are in stock or available to meet patient needs. Moreover, IoT implementation automates tracking.

Better Patient Experience

The goal of healthcare businesses is to provide excellent care/service to patients. They’re dealing with patients’ lives, so if there’s an industry that really needs technology to deliver crucial service, it is the healthcare industry. IoT connects doctors and patients through connected devices. Patients get more engaged throughout their treatment and doctors can reach a diagnosis faster.


IoT technology is on its way to transform the healthcare industry, and healthcare professionals are eagerly watching out for more possibilities this technology will unlock.


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