June 11

Personalized Travel: How IoT Is Changing the Flying and Hotel Experiences

The travel industry has proven quick to implement tech advances. In particular, smart travel is becoming popular. IoT is making travel customer-centric, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Companies that are going all-in on IoT solutions will reap the rewards in the short term and also in the years ahead.

IoT’s Impact on Travel

Think back to all those times you decided not to take a trip due to the inconvenience of travel. Picking out a flight and following through with travel arrangements is inherently stressful. From issues with the travel agency to poor accommodations and beyond, plenty can go wrong. Now IoT is changing the way in which people enjoy vacations, business trips, and other forms of travel.

IoT, short for the ‘Internet of Things’, has spread to the majority of industries. The businesses that implement IoT solutions ultimately prove to be that much more competitive. Companies that are making use of IoT are winning over customers, providing the most enjoyable traveling experience possible, and developing an essential rapport with clients.

IoT Starts Making an Impact Before the Trip

The days of meeting with a travel agent are long gone. Nowadays, everything has shifted to the web. It is now possible to search for flights and accommodations from the comfort of home. Furthermore, computer algorithms understand traveler preferences based on prior vacations, the use of social media, feedback, etc. This abundance of data is collected and studied through connected devices, ultimately making it that much easier for the travel agency to provide the optimal match in terms of suggestions for hotels, flights, destinations, cost, etc.

Stress-Free Travel

Today, you’ll no longer have to sweat too much for your travel transactions. Tech advances provide information about the status of flights, gate directions, guidance in terms of luggage, and even information about the closest spot for breakfast. Lost baggage is now a thing of the past thanks to electronic tags for luggage that can be used over and over. The in-flight experience is also being improved with IoT. Sensors within passenger seats are now capable of identifying elevated heart rates and comforting those who are nervous or fearful. Even hydration levels, temperature, and anxiousness can be monitored and addressed.

IoT Will Make Travel Quite Luxurious

If you struggle to settle in while flying, riding a train or traveling in another manner, you will love the tech advances being made in the industry. Those who find it difficult to sleep in a hotel or simply cannot relax while away from home are raving about IoT-empowered apps customizing settings in hotels. IoT-driven apps from hotels customize settings for each individual guest. Everything from the TV to the room temperature and illumination can be established and controlled in a remote manner.

Smartphones are now capable of unlocking hotel room doors with an electronic key. This key only provides access to authorized parties. IoT even makes it possible to obtain additional food, towels, and other sundries while relaxing in a warm bath in your hotel room. IoT sensors also notify staff when hotel rooms are occupied or empty, making that much easier to provide hospitality services.

All of the information necessary to gauge the level of individual hotel room supplies along with guest experiences is collected through IoT devices. Such connected devices really do make it quite easy for hoteliers to provide customers with tailored services. If you would like your hotel experience personalized, take full advantage of IoT technology, letting the internet track your preferences, behavior, and needs.

Digital Transformation is Taking Place in the Travel Industry

IoT is proving to be a game-changer. Even if you have avoided travel in the past due to inefficiencies or the lack of comfort, you should know times are changing. Everything from pre-flight information to the in-room hotel experience and the time you spend in the airport waiting for your flight is being enhanced through IoT technology and it is only going to get better from here moving forward.


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