July 16

The Keys to Effective Micro-Moments Marketing

A sea change has taken place in consumer behavior. Micro-moments in the consumption journey are where today’s battle for the hearts and wallets is won (or lost). A consumer’s preferences are prioritized, and decisions are made in these moments.

So, what exactly are micro-moments? What are their benefits? What’s the best way for marketers to create and capture these moments?

According to Google, micro-moments are:

The decisive brief moments when people automatically turn to a mobile device for education, entertainment, information, or shopping.

Every day, we all experience micro-moments. A micro-moment occurs when there is a particular preference or choice: I want to know, I want to do it, I want to go, or I want to buy.

And here is what these types of micro-moments mean:

I want to know: This occurs when someone does research but does not intend to buy. An example of this is when customers do a keyword search on Google.

I want to go: This happens whenever someone hunts for a local business so as to purchase a product from a store nearby.

I want to do something: The goal here is to accomplish something new or to seek help with a particular task. Customers can use Google or social media to ask questions.

I want to buy: The customer intents to buy and most likely uses the words “buy” or “for sale” in their searches.

Here, we’ll take a look at how you can effectively use these micro-moments to enhance your marketing initiatives with the assistance of brandme.io.

How to Improve Marketing Results with Micro-moments

You can capture and leverage micro-moments using the methods below.


Simply ensure you are ready for users to take action when they visit your website or social media platforms. Make sure they have the best possible mobile experience once they land on those pages. Consider the categories of micro-moments. Upon landing on the page, could someone quickly complete one of those stated actions

Intuitive Content

There are some pieces of content you should repackage or replace for these moments. In most cases, Facebook and other video channels’ videos are viewed without volume. Are your videos captioned? And if someone wants to buy, skip the case study or newsletter—close the deal.


Burger King tried this one with great success. Given their wide reach and popularity, smartphones make a good platform for experimenting with IoT in micro-moment marketing. Using geofencing (tracking prospects by using their smartphones’ GPS), you can pinpoint high-value prospects near you.

You can send a personalized message when an interested buyer is in the area, offering a coupon that they might redeem or making them aware of a lower value proposition if they are going to a competitor.

Paid Search

You’ve probably noticed that organic results are appearing in less of Google’s search results pages over the past few years if you’ve been doing digital marketing or inbound marketing. Consider paid campaigns. But rather than just spending money on brand awareness, you should become more aware of what your audience wants at the bottom of the funnel instead of increasing your paid search budget or re-targeting.

Predictive AI

You can segment your audience by integrating AI marketing automation with your CRM. Using that information, you can develop a series of automated emails for your leads. When you have mapped your content to their wants and needs, you’ll get personalized and predictive results from your emails.

Loan companies, for example, can create a trigger event for members who re-visit the mortgage loans page of their website. As soon as that trigger event occurs, an automatic message is sent to inform the member of upcoming home buying offers.


A chatbot is another great tool that can be used to maximize the use of your micro-moment opportunities. The chatbots can respond to visitors’ needs quickly when they visit your website. If a sales representative is needed, the bots will send the information to your CRM and hot prospects list and connect customers to a sales rep.

Customer behavior is undergoing a fundamental shift in the current climate. Micro moment marketing can help you adapt your marketing strategy in response to these changes.


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