July 17

Content Marketing Trends You Should Take Advantage of in 2021

In this era where everything is going digital, trends in content marketing keep on changing. This is not something you set aside and forget. Without a proper strategy for your marketing, you are doomed to fail regardless of your efforts. Content marketing is crucial in lead generation, brand awareness, and sales campaigns across paid and inbound channels because of its effectiveness.

With a better understanding of your customer’s preference and more access to data, you can significantly increase your sales.

If you are looking for what is emerging or what to look out for in 2021 in terms of content marketing trends, here are a few things that you need to apply to your content marketing strategies.

Rapid Adoption of AI-Powered Content

According to experts, robots will be doing more human jobs as technology continues to advance. Well, it is only a matter of time before this becomes a reality. Unfortunately, for most people, the idea of Artificial Intelligence sounds intimidating and terrifying. Luckily, AI has been in use for years and will boost your content marketing efforts.

Conferring to the McKinsey survey, 20% of organizations attribute their earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) to AI. By using specific tools, AI will be able to deliver full captions, summaries, and blogs sourced from data and focused on consumer demand.

However, human involvement is still critical in the content process as AI requires lots of development to provide automated content.

Make Use of SEO

The primary aspect of content marketing trends is comprehending and using a practical SEO strategy. With changes in SEO that occur almost daily, it can be pretty overwhelming to keep up with major updates that determine how your content is ranked.

As a business, it takes a lot of creativity to put up a competition for big marketing companies that have both the resources and expertise to maximize SEO. However, by optimizing your content and making it appear at the top of a search page, the results are worthwhile. As with more visibility, you can improve traffic and increase sales.

Embrace Webinars and Live Streaming

Most brands are using videos to market their content. Hundreds of videos are being made every passing minute about content marketing, for instance. This is because videos offer a grand strategy of quick and effective communication in educating your audience about your message and brand.

However, now many brands are making the leap from video uploads to live video content in the forms of live streaming and webinars. Making use of live video content offers unique possibilities for brand awareness but, most of all, an engaging way to fulfill your customer’s needs and desire for information.

At IoT Marketing, for example, our Industry Insights Webinars series has served as an effective platform for helping our speakers, who are technology and industry leaders and experts, engage with customers in real-time through our live chats. This has led to our speakers gaining leads and starting conversations with potential customers


If you’re looking to improve your brand awareness and increase your sales, it’s important to know what the emerging trends in content marketing are. And they include using SEO, adapting to AI-powered content, embracing webinars and live streaming, and building content communities.

Need more help with garnering increased recognition for your business? Get in touch with the team at IoT Marketing today to find out how we can help!


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