Commercial Drones, IoT Business

Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Loan Origination and Lending Software

In the world of commercial lending and origination, software is key. The right software can help you streamline your operations, reduce risk and costs, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions.  That’s why choosing a lender/loan originator system that works best for your needs, your company’s culture and your goal [...]

Wi-Fi 6

What to Expect From WiFi 6 in 2022

Since its introduction, WiFi has become one of the most popular and successful wireless technologies. At its core, WiFi is a simple protocol that can be used to connect any two devices over an invisible radio link. However, the technical underpinnings of WiFi make it so successful. What is WiFi [...]

Remote Work

The Shift to Remote Work: How COVID-19 Has Changed the Workplace

During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became one of the reasons resilient companies survived the mass shutdowns. But according to research by Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom, half of workers simply won't be able to work from home in 2022. The other half will be divided into a small [...]

Smart Technology

Business and Personal Applications of Smart Technology

Every aspect of your business is digitally defined; it’s just that, until modern times, technology wasn’t at a point to most effectively utilize such data. As smart innovations increasingly demonstrate, virtually all aspects of life and business have integers. Numbers make up everything. Meanwhile, the SMART acronym stands for Specific, [...]

Supply Chain Management

Smart Technology: Optimizing Supply Chain Management Processes

The supply chain crisis during the pandemic may take a while to resolve. Now suppliers and logistics firms are focusing increasingly on sustainability plans to make it through the crisis. Sustainability is important to protecting the environment, but it also involves finance and supply chain management, such as investing in [...]

No Code Solutions

How No Code Solutions Support Smart Manufacturing

For the past several decades, writing software code has been at the core of resolving production problems for manufacturers. But manufacturers are challenged by complex operations that coordinate people with machines and materials in real time. Now the use of no code solutions is emerging as an alternative simplified school [...]

CES 2022

5 Key Takeaways from CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, was a massive global event for 2022. Products on the near horizon were explored, as well as associated technologies. This is an annual expo, and includes presenters of an international variety. Though health concerns mitigated the show in ways it has not been limited [...]


How Blockchain-as-a-Service Will Transform Business in 2022 and Beyond

A Transforming Financial and Technological World Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. It started out as, primarily, a means by which digital currencies could be protected in a decentralized way that allowed for reliable international use. Now, blockchain tech is everywhere, and familiarity with it will be absolutely [...]

IoT Business

Effective Ways to Qualify or Score IoT Business Leads

When it comes to IoT business, there are a lot of advantages that help sell the innovation. Many businesses have yet to make the transition, meaning there is a substantial sales "harvest" to be had. Projections have IoT devices outnumbering human beings on the planet 3 to 1 by 2024. [...]

Green Technology

Green Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Ever since the invention of electricity, we could create sustainable power. The invention of solar panels has led us to this point and will lead us into an age of even greater power. Discover the world of green technologies that will define the future of sustainability Green technologies have helped [...]