Retail Trends

The Rise of Digital-First Retail

The pandemic has forced businesses to make sudden changes in how they operate. One of the most dramatic changes for retail stores is the shift to digital-first retail policies. كازينو آنلاين Here’s a look at what digital-first means for resilient stores determined to survive the economic crisis. Digital-First Business Models [...]


Earth 4.0: How IoT Contributes to Sustainability

Businesses across various industries are now emphasizing sustainability for both economic and environmental protection. No longer can any company take natural resources for granted. Helping reduce CO2 emissions is now a global effort among industries and citizens. Here are ways that smart technology is contributing to the new paradigm of [...]

Retail Trends

How NFTs, AR and VR Are Transforming Retail Experiences | Retail Trends

NFTs can be used to buy and sell visual art, music, products and online collectibles. The acronym stands for “non-fungible tokens”, which represent a modern method for buying and selling digital products online. What are the chances of NFTs playing a role in the future of retail? betfinal بالعربي They’ve [...]

Smart Homes

How to Use Smart Tech Solutions to Improve Sleep and Wellness | Wellness Technology

Wellness technology is an emerging field designed to help people improve both mental and physical health. It’s gaining attention across various industries because employers have learned that a healthy workforce, especially for a work-at-home staff, is key to success. Here are ways that wellness technology can be integrated into smart [...]

Data Ownership

What Is Smart Data Ownership?

The smart revolution has extended beyond phones to cars, eHealth devices, wearable trackers, home devices, and even cities. IoT has taken over. For those yet unfamiliar, IoT is basically sensors able to capture data which can be analyzed and put to use by individuals or businesses for a variety of [...]


How to Prepare for the 3G Sunset in 2022

Have you heard about the 3G Sunset and how it will impact online activities in 2022? Telecom companies that provide wireless connectivity are shutting down 3G networks throughout 2022 so they can focus tower space on 4G and 5G networks. Businesses that still use 3G devices need to prepare for [...]

Smart Homes

Smart Home Tech: Smart Solutions for Your Smart Home

A lot of homes are now getting smarter. Today, electronic gadgets and appliances can transmit data over wireless connections. Thanks to IoT technology, you are able to access data and control smart electronic devices in your home remotely. Here are important points to know about maximizing smart tech solutions for [...]

Smart Home Cybersecurity

10 Ways to Improve Your Smart Home Security

Some of the major advantages to adopting smart technology for your home are that it can make your home safer and you can monitor it while you’re away. Each year, there are amazing new smart products being brought to the market. Here’s a look at smart technology that can add [...]

Smart Homes

The Rise of Sentient Homes and What That Looks Like

Tomorrow’s engineers are presently running around in the world’s nurseries. What do these youngsters think of the world? What are they interested in? What kinds of things will they be passionate enough about to devote their lives to? Well, a lot of things, but one in particular worth thinking about [...]

Smart Homes

Cybersecurity Risks for Smart Homes

Increased Internet of Things (IoT) tech means an increased hackable surface area for cybercriminals. The more devices you have, the more opportunities hackers have. Proprietary information can be stolen. HVAC systems can be deliberately set too low or too high. People can be locked out of a home or an [...]