Each year IoT Marketing & Industry Insights Webinars host a live virtual event to honor IoT ecosystem professionals and connected solution providers. After the success of its inaugural awards event last year, IoT Marketing’s Industry Insights Webinars will host the 2nd Annual 2021 Industry Insights IoT Awards on Thursday December 16 with hosts Tiffani Neilson and Steve Brumer. The Industry Insights IoT Awards have core values such as community, sustainability, efficiency, and education.

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The Space Tech Solution of the Year award recognizes the achievements of a product or service with applications for the space industry. Nominated solutions should have at least one major achievement to share from the past year. 


The IoT Product of the Year award is given to a business that has created an exceptional IoT product. As long as it is considered in the family of the Internet of Things, has brought great value to the IoT ecosystem, and you’re able to prove successful results from its use, the product can be a connected solution for any industry.

Best IOT SECURITY Solution

From cybersecurity and data to mobile and network, the Best IoT Security Solution award encompasses all aspects of security in the IoT realm. It recognizes a proven solution that focuses on enhancing the safety, stability, or reliability of the Internet of Things.

Best Asset Tracking Solution

The Best Asset Tracking Solution award honors an IoT product or system that is helping to make asset tracking more accurate, efficient, and reliable than ever before. Whether it surrounds the prevention of theft, loss or damage, or is helping companies meet compliance and industry-standard regulation, this award is open to any asset tracking solution for any industry.


As new technologies emerge and existing technologies improve, we are increasingly becoming better at monitoring and managing our impact on the planet. The Greenest IoT Solution award honors innovative IoT technologies that are advancing ways to enhance sustainability and keep our environment clean and safe.

IoT Systems Integrator of the Year

Digital transformation requires a complete integrated solution comprising multiple components, such as hardware and software, support services, and managed services. This is where IoT systems integrators come in. The IoT Systems Integrator of the Year Award applauds the contributions of systems integrators in the growth of IoT technologies and acknowledges innovative projects that inspire evolution in the IoT landscape.

Digital Transformation Innovator of the Year

IoT has made digital transformation more accessible for a lot of businesses in a variety of industries, enabling them to take advantage of the many benefits that technology has to offer. The Digital Transformation Innovator of the Year award recognizes either an individual or a company that has demonstrated innovation in solutions, services or projects for digital transformation.

Thought Leader of the Year

The IoT Thought Leader of the Year is awarded to a professional who is a go-to source for knowledge and expert opinions in the field of IoT. This individual is someone who presents insightful, trustworthy, and relevant content that educates and inspires others in IoT.


The Tech For Good Solution award celebrates a solution that has made a positive social impact. The award highlights IoT technology being used as a responsible resource to either help people or to create better communities.

IoT Executive of the Year

The IoT Executive of the Year award is given to an exceptional executive in the IoT field who has made significant contributions to the organization that this individual works with. The award honors an individual who has given time and energy to move his or her company forward through impactful innovation. Nominations are open to executives who specialize in IoT or are working within IoT organizations.

A panel of IoT professionals will be selected as judges, who will narrow down the finalists for each category. 

Finalists will be announced on November 12, 2021, and the public will have the opportunity to vote for the winners

of each category through December 10, 2021.

The winners of this year’s Industry Insights IoT Awards will be announced during the live online awards ceremony, part of the Industry Insights Webinars series, on December 16, 2021. 

Nominate and vote for your favorite IoT product, service, or industry professional now

Award winners will receive the following prizes:

  • An IoT and cloud consulting package, including promotional credits, to run systems on Amazon Web Services, from SourceLogix
  • A media-style interview with Industry Insights Webinars
  • Digital award ribbon and certificate
  • Recognition during the live event


  • Announce Awards: Aug 10
  • Submissions: Aug 10-Nov 1
  • Voting: Nov 13- Dec 10
  • Live Event: Dec 16

   Nominations begin:

  • Tuesday August 10 through November 1, 2021.

Speaking, Sponsor & Advertising Opportunities

The Industry Insights IoT Awards is expected to have a large audience of IoT ecosystem partners, decision makers, and IoT adopters. If you are looking for brand awareness or lead generation for your business, contact our team to hear more about our sponsorship and advertising opportunities.