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5 Key Takeaways from CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, was a massive global event for 2022. Products on the near horizon were explored, as well as associated technologies. This is an annual expo, and includes presenters of an international variety. Though health concerns mitigated the show in ways it has not been limited prior 2020’s ongoing unpleasantness, there were still some astonishing developments in 2022.

Key Takeaways

More than 40,000 individuals attended CES 2022 in person, and many thousands tuned in through varying digital avenues. Over 2,000 exhibitors and product launches were explored, and many innovations involved better versions of existing tech such as AI, VR, or robotics. Here we’ll explore five key takeaways:

1. The Metaverse: Everybody Wants a Piece

The “metaverse” is more than just Mark Zuckerberg’s desire for total social media dominance. It’s truly the “next big thing”, and it’s kind of already here. Remember how the internet was actually active in the eighties, but nobody knew about it in the mainstream until the nineties?

Well Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), cloud computing, edge computing, big data, and IoT are essentially the foundational elements of the metaverse. As you may have noticed, those things are already here. Also, none of those things even involve Facebook’s “Meta” transition, or the Oculus gaming and interface system.

What will likely develop is an increasing amount of realism in reference to varying “metaverse” technologies. An example might be how controllers for console gaming systems today vibrate, make sounds, and do additional things which pull the player deeper into the game.

Metaverse technology will essentially expand that trend. Accordingly, there are multiple opportunities for metaverse innovations, and companies are rushing to discover the “next big thing”, as it were, before it goes mainstream. Expect to see big metaverse developments in 2022.

2. Smart Glasses Could Take Off Like the iPad in 2022

Back in 2010, Apple’s announcement of the iPad, whether “accidental” or a ploy to drum up demand, resulted in most tech companies with the ability leaning into touchscreen tablet development. Suddenly, everybody had to have an iPad just like everybody had to have an iPhone and an iPod before. Generic tablet options became collaterally lucrative.

Well, Google Glass didn’t hit quite as hard upon its initial launch, but it’s expected that AR glasses–and some which may even feature both AR and VR capability–are going to hit big in 2022. CES 2022 was full of AR options from varying companies, and it’s to be expected that one of them will be “king of the mountain”, as it were, by years’ end.

TCL previewed an option in AR smart glasses, so also did Sony’s PlayStation through the VR 2Mojo Vision showcased their options, and Qualcomm and Microsoft informed the world that they’d develop chips for AR glasses in the near future. Panasonic demonstrated a $900 VR headset also. Who will be the leading brand in 2022? Nobody knows yet, but expect to see more AR and VR gear in the next year.

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3. Expect Blockchain Tech to Truly go “Mainstream” in 2022

NFTs started getting big in 2021, generating millions in economic impact. As things like NFTs become more mainstream, they will result in an increase in blockchain tech, which enables them. Expect to see more interfaces that are rooted in blockchain develop through the next year. Cryptocurrency used in retail settings will be more common, and again, that means more blockchain applications.

By some estimates, NFT trading will double on itself in 2022. Integration for NFT tech will be included in things like smart screen TVs. Samsung’s “Gaming Hub” demonstrated this at CES 2022 directly.

4. NFTs Are Another Big Consideration of 2022 to Consider

While we’re on the subject of blockchain tech and NFTs, we might as well take a closer look at these “Non-Fungible Tokens”. If you’re not familiar, essentially, NFTs are unique digital assets that will ostensibly increase in value while being essentially irreplaceable. This will facilitate an entire digital ecosystem, and that system is primed for extensive growth through 2022.

Products designed specifically to display digital assets like NFTs, or conventional digital artwork, are going to become increasingly common. The blockchain certifies NFT ownership, so don’t be surprised if a future billionaire has a little IoT-enabled WiFi device that projects a futuristically-designed “Nyan Cat” on his or her desk.

NFTs now represent a sort of craze in society. They’re like their own unique cryptocurrencies to an extent; but only as far as blockchain tech is concerned. Brent Weinstein believes NFTs are not merely a trend. Weinstein is a partner and chief innovation officer with UTA. According to Weinstein, the NFT rush of 2021 has not moved on. Rather, he noted that there would be a “massively disruptive” impact on diverse media for many years as a result. Expect to see the seeds of that disruption sprout throughout 2022.

5. In the World of Gadgets, BMW Has a New Car That Changes Colors

Perhaps the most fun takeaway from 2022’s CES involves a simple car. You’ve likely heard about this innovation before, it was on display this year. BMW developed a color-changing car. You just touch a button and the whole color of the vehicle changes, it’s downright amazing.

To some, this may not seem that interesting, but it’s been a sci-fi convention for decades. Just to put it in perspective: the production crew on 1997’s The Fifth Element thought it was a neat touch to give Zorg’s secretary a little cosmetic device that allowed her to change the color of her fingernails instantaneously. The Fifth Element was set hundreds of years in the future. Less than a quarter of a century later, legitimate technology exists that can totally change the color of an entire car at the press of a button; let alone a measly fingernail.

BMW’s concept does have a limitation to spectrums of the monochromatic variety; black, white, gray, and any shade between those three. So the tech isn’t quite at the point where consumers would prefer it to be. That said, the tech will soon include other colors. Really, it’s an impressive innovation. If you’re interested, check out this video to see how flawless the tech BMW has developed is.

Informing Future Tech Innovations, Responses, and Infrastructure Through 2022

Informing what you invest in or plan for requires monitoring events like CES 2022. Whether you’re enchanted by cars that change colors at your command, NFTs becoming more mainstream, blockchain becoming more mainstream, the possibility of AR smart glasses taking off like a rocket, or the looming metaverse, there’s a lot to think about. Regardless what moves you, businesses are probably going to have to deal with all five of these things one way or another in the next year. These five takeaways to CES 2022 are worth keeping an eye on as you plan future business changes and investments over the next several years.


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