Restaurant NFTs

Restaurants and Hotels Are Embracing NFTs

One of the major economic changes in recent years is the growing acceptance of digital payment and exchange systems. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that may represent a physical asset. This new form of investment or store of value is based on cryptography and blockchain technology. Here [...]

Food Farming

The Future of Food and Farming: Connecting Agriculture with Sustainable Solutions

Nations around the world must take a global view of the world's food supply and encourage more local agricultural production. Due to climate change and supply chain issues, the tradition of growing produce is changing. Here's a look at how modern food farming solutions are helping farmers transition toward more [...]

Kitchen Robots

Bringing Robots to the Kitchen

Imagine robots are making the food you order in the kitchen at your favorite restaurant. You order an exotic dish and it's made on time to perfection. While this scenario may sound like funny science fiction, it's now an actual possibility. Here's a look at how artificial intelligence and automation [...]

Restaurant Technology

Using Tech Solutions for Solving Restaurant Challenges

Restaurants and other food services have been under pressure in recent years due to labor and supply chain challenges, as well as tighter budgets. For those that can afford to invest in new technology, there are exciting options already emerging, partly as a result of pandemic challenges. Businesses that serve [...]

Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery: Predictions, Potentials, & Challenges

The development of drone technology has been rapid, taking only a few years to go from initial prototypes to a market filled with state-of-the-art innovations. Uncrewed aircraft systems are becoming more commonplace in logistics operations, given their increased accuracy over traditional delivery vehicles and environmentally friendly operation. Industry analysts have [...]

Commercial Drones

Most Advanced Commercial Drones on the Market

Drones are a hot topic in the world of technology and engineering. Drones can be helpful for commercial purposes, such as aerial photography and videography. Drones have also become more sophisticated and expensive due to their advanced features.Here's our list of the most advanced commercial drones that are available on [...]