3D Printing Challenges

How the Tourism Industry is Meeting 3D Printing Challenges Concerning Authenticity

Today, 3D printing is rapidly resolving production issues for certain products, making more economic sense due to lower costs and zero waste. But these amazing machines that print physical objects one layer at a time based on digital designs face challenges surrounding the issue of authenticity in the tourism industry. [...]

NFT 3D printing

How NFT 3D Printing Creates New Market Opportunities

The rise of the non-fungible token (NFT) has opened the minds of young entrepreneurs to explore new markets never imagined before. NFTs exist on blockchains, making them exclusive and secure. These digital items can house designs for physical products. Here's a look at how NFT 3D printing is leading the [...]

3D Printing in Supply Chain

Benefits of 3D Printing in Supply Chain Operations

A growing number of large facilities such as warehouses are starting to consider 3D printing for their supply chain processes. Instead of finished products taking up physical inventory space, products can be made on demand. Here are important reasons why supply chain managers should envision 3D printing in their operations.Emergence [...]

3D Printing, IoT

What Happens When You Combine 3D Printing and IoT?

You can build a powerful business operation with 3D printing and IoT. It can give your business a huge competitive edge over competitors who resist change. Here are ways your business can benefit from smart 3D printing.Combining Disruptive TechnologiesThe combination of disruptive technologies can be the key to a market [...]

Additive Manufacturing in Production

Sustainable and Business Benefits of Additive Manufacturing in Production

Additive manufacturing gets its name from adding layers of materials in the production process. Traditionally products have been made from subtractive manufacturing that involves cutting or hollowing materials, which generates waste. Here are reasons why additive manufacturing in production is a much more sustainable solution.Rise of Additive ManufacturingThe physical fabrication [...]

Hybrid Manufacturing

Opportunities and Benefits of Hybrid Manufacturing

While additive manufacturing (AM) is game-changing, hybrid manufacturing that includes subtractive processes is even more empowering. This hybrid solution is often used for metal products. Essentially, additive and subtractive processes mixed together amount to combining machining with 3D printing. Here's a deeper look at what hybrid manufacturing can do.Hybrid Manufacturing [...]

3D Printing

What Is 3D Printing, and How Is It Being Used Today?

The 3D printer is changing business and society in more profound ways than photocopiers in the sixties or home recording equipment in the seventies. It's a revolutionary way to present prototypes or to even manufacture a finished product. Thanks to 3D printing technology, you can create physical objects from digital [...]

IoT Wearables

The Rise of IoT Wearables in Various Industries

IoT based wearables have been on the rise for so long. With the success of the apple watch and various other fitness bands, various industries out there have introduced IoT wearable devices to help their customers. Let’s have a look at the industries that have enhanced their services by introducing [...]