Wired and Wireless

Choosing the Right Connectivity: Wired vs. Wireless Networks

At one time, wired networks were ubiquitous and shaped a core definition of the internet. But since the advent of Wi-Fi in the late nineties, many companies have adopted a wireless local area network (LAN) to transmit data. Both wired and wireless networks have their advantages and disadvantages, which every [...]

Satellite IoT

How Commercialization of Satellite IoT is Creating Market Opportunities

Satellite communications (SATCOM) has existed for decades in space, but now it enters a new phase of satellite IoT. The use of sensors in space to monitor activities on Earth is building a new economy. Here are ways IoT SATCOM is opening up new markets for adventurous enterprises.Mixing IoT with [...]

Satellite Technologies

How Enterprises are Evolving with Satellite Technologies

The development of satellite technologies is gaining momentum with help from private investors, as many industrial companies see its revenue opportunities. Counting cars in retail store parking lots from space, for example, provides a competitive edge for investors who evaluate consumer trends. Here are some of the ways enterprises benefit [...]

IoT Success

Practical Steps to Take to Achieve Success in IoT

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is to experience IoT success. It's very difficult to pull off unless you work with seasoned IoT experts who understand how to properly deploy smart technology. Here's a look at the factors that lead to a successful IoT implementation.Establish an IoT RoadmapThe [...]

Wireless Technologies

Understanding Wireless Technologies: Licensed vs. Unlicensed Spectrum

The science behind how wireless technologies move data through the air is based on radio waves. The airwaves are made possible by the electromagnetic spectrum, which occurs in nature, but is regulated by governments around the world to prevent operators from interfering with each other. Here's a look at the [...]

IoT Deployments

Don’t Let Your IoT Projects Fail! Here’s How to Make Your IoT Deployments Successful 

IoT Deployments Need Careful Planning and Execution, Not Rush JobsBusinesses are increasingly going more digital because they realize it's no longer much of a choice. IoT deployments are part of this digital transformation, but not all smart technology lives up to its name. Rushing IoT projects is a mistake that [...]

Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi 7 Is Coming: Here’s What You Need to Know

Since the introduction of Wi-Fi by the Wi-Fi Alliance, each new generation of wireless networking technology has been a major improvement, particularly in speed. While Wi-Fi 5 and 6 are still fairly new to many people, Wi-Fi 7 is being developed by Taiwan-based semiconductor company MediaTek. Here are interesting things [...]

Wi-Fi 6

Are You Ready to Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6?

Everyone understands that faster internet is better, especially for business. The advent of Wi-Fi 6 opens a faster lane to the internet while delivering more efficient performance. Here's a look at what the sixth generation of wireless networking offers for your business.What Wi-Fi 6 MeansOverseen by the Wi-Fi Alliance while [...]

6G Network

6G Network: Will It Outpace 5G?

Just as society is starting to learn about 5G wireless networks, new ideas are forming for a 6G network. While 5G opened the door to wider and faster bandwidth to accommodate autonomous vehicles and automated tasks, 6G will be more equipped to handle virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and [...]