August 23

Practical Steps to Take to Achieve Success in IoT

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is to experience IoT success. It's very difficult to pull off unless you work with seasoned IoT experts who understand how to properly deploy smart technology. Here's a look at the factors that lead to a successful IoT implementation.

Establish an IoT Roadmap

The most common path to IoT failure is to start working on the project without a roadmap. You need to follow the traditional process of carefully planning a major deployment with specific details. Rushing into IoT deployment without proper planning and team coordination will likely culminate in a wasteful disaster.

Use Single-board Computers (SBCs)

A major key to IoT success is choosing the right hardware that will easily integrate with new software developments in the future. A modern IoT system should be able to facilitate automation and machine learning. Many companies have been successful using single-board computers as the foundation for their IoT deployment.

At one time SBCs started as educational tools, then evolved into ready-to use-platforms for IoT development. A huge benefit to SBCs is they provide high performance and low power consumption at the same time.

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Build System Modules

Smart technology is meant to be flexible with the capability of easy integration with other devices. One way to achieve these goals is to build an IoT ecosystem with small modules. You can add new modules that expand functions on existing devices. A module-based infrastructure helps with long-term budgeting for technology. Modules can be added as needed, which simplifies scalability.

Explore Off-the-Shelf IoT Products

Off-the-shelf means the opposite of custom-made and instead exists as mass-produced inventory available for consumers to purchase. When it comes to IoT products, it's helpful for businesses to experiment with off-the-shelf products to learn about their efficiencies and deficiencies. It allows you to find market holes to fill for improving IoT development.

Customize Silicon Designs

You should also be aware of IoT developers who are capable of customizing products to suit your unique business model. Customization for any aspect of business can be a factor that sets a company apart from competitors. But it's also more complex to build an IoT system from scratch or without a model to simulate, especially for short-term deadlines.

Become a Data-Centric Company

Steady adoption of IoT technology is harvesting a whole new world of data science, which is becoming a fundamental part of business. That's why it's important to become a data-centric company, especially if selling real-time data is part of your business model. But since not all data is equal, it's important to prioritize data based on how much it contributes to your company's success.

Data can be used in many ways that have yet to be explored. In order for data to be worth examining, it needs to serve some useful purpose. Too much useless data clutters a system, as it can drive up storage costs and waste server space. Prioritizing analytics is a building block to understanding your operation and your market better.

The reason real-time analytics have become monumentally important to many businesses is that this data gives clues as to what's working and what's not. Sensors measure performance and efficiency, which is knowledge that can tilt the organization toward greater profits. The more you know about what data reflects and which metrics matter most to your operation, the better position you'll be in to make your operation more efficient and profitable.

Strengthen Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity grows in importance every year, as cybercriminals find new ways to create online havoc. That's why no organization can afford to overlook cybersecurity as a top tech priority. Without strong cybersecurity, a network is destined to be hacked at some point. Anti-virus software alone only does so much and cannot be relied upon as a complete solution against cybercriminals.

Even though most Americans have read or heard news stories about cybercrime, there's still a sense that many businesses aren't too worried about it. Some managers are so overly excited about what smart technology can do that they forget what it cannot do. Even though it can detect cybercriminals, it cannot guarantee stopping them.

IoT devices that are "always on" raise concerns about data protection. Hackers regularly spy on businesses to find data they can steal, even if they have no idea what it's used for. Personal and business data is regularly stolen and resold on the dark web. One of the problems with installing thousands of IoT devices in an infrastructure is that each one needs to be tested for data protection.

Unify Team Members

When deploying IoT devices, it's crucial that your team is well-coordinated and can communicate in real time with members. By logging team efforts in real time, members can check to see what deployment actions have been taken to avoid redundancy. IT technicians need to be aware of what other team members have already accomplished.

Team cohesion is a necessary aspect of successful IoT deployment because so many things can go wrong with such a complex project. If an IoT device is configured inappropriately, it can generate misleading data. Each team member working on IoT deployment must have a deep knowledge of the steps involved with installing sensors. Some factories use thousands of sensors, making it incredibly difficult to ensure all components are configured correctly.


Use these keys to IoT success as part of your IoT roadmap. Without a roadmap or proper planning, deployment of smart sensors can be a disaster. Make sure you do it right the first time so you don't have to pay for it twice.


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