Tech Trends

Spotting the Next Big Thing: 2023 Tech Trends and IoT Market Predictions

One of the most game-changing tech trends that have transformed into an expansive universe of smart gadgets is the Internet of Things (IoT). Any digitized objects that generate data and are connected to the internet are considered IoT. Smart technology that communicates via wireless networks to a central data station also falls [...]

Virtual Events

10 Empowering Benefits of Virtual Events

An explosion of virtual events unraveled during the pandemic, ushering in and solidifying a new digital era. Many businesses learned to use the internet in multiple ways to maintain operations, such as conducting virtual meetings or hosting hybrid events. Here are ten compelling reasons for businesses to plan virtual events. [...]

In Person Events

In-Person Events: Where they Shine, and Where There Might Be a Problem

There is something unique about in-person events and gatherings that cannot be replicated through virtual communications. The psychological and physical realities of such meetings make them more memorable. An in-person event has a lot to recommend which also means there are a lot of benefits and drawbacks that come with [...]

Virtual Events

Virtual Events: Exploring the Real Benefits and Drawbacks

Virtual events became realistically feasible during 2020, and that feasibility has become greater in the following years. Future lockdowns won't be as disruptive owing to decentralized virtual events. That said, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider which we'll explore here.Pros and Cons of Virtual EventsThe Pros:Ease of Accessibility and [...]

IoT Technology

Major Milestones in IoT Technology History

Understanding today's IoT technology becomes clearer when you learn how it was developed over the decades. Since the early eighties, the IoT industry has gone through major milestones that define the wide range of ways it can empower a business. Here are some of the most important milestones in IoT [...]