3 Ways to Leverage Speaking Opportunities for Business Growth

December 4

To cut through competition in a cluttered industry or niche, brands need credibility and evergreen visibility. And among the best ways to achieve this is by leveraging a speaking opportunity.

Whether it's face-to-face or virtual, speaking at an event sets you apart as a thought leader. In addition to presenting yourself as an expert in your field, speaking opportunities also offer you the chance to mention your offerings in a manner that doesn’t really feel like advertising because your presentation is rooted in offering attendees helpful and valuable information

At IoT Marketing, we’ve seen just how impactful speaking opportunities can be for business leaders. While helping to educate those in need of connected solutions, the experts we’ve had on our Industry Insights webinars have also gotten the opportunity to showcase their companies and expertise in front of their targeted audience. As a result, they were able to get potential clients interested in their offerings and their business.

However, effectively leveraging public speaking opportunities isn’t just about the engagement alone. To help you make the most out of any speaking opportunity, here are a three tips on how to successfully leverage them in ways that build your thought leadership status and help you convert attendees into clients.

1. Become the Face of your Brand 

A speaking opportunity is a PR gold mine. In just a few minutes, you could connect with audience members on much more personal levels. And in doing so, you become the face of your company, driving immense credibility for its brand.

Also, remember that your brand building doesn’t stop at speaking opportunities. When the curtains close, you need to maintain your thought leadership status. This means staying active on social media (posting relevant content and engaging with followers). It also means seeking out other opportunities to present your expertise, like publishing an article about your presentation in a trade magazine. But this isn’t easy. So, you may want to consider partnering with a PR firm that can you help you find opportunities and manage your thought leadership.

2. Showcase Your Expertise

One way to stand out as a memorable speaker is by showing broad and deep knowledge in your industry. Position your brand as one that understands the complex challenges that both customers and businesses face and show that there are solutions for them.

Focusing on this key aspect will help you build a strong positive reputation that wins your brand the respect, consideration, and admiration of clients and other businesses.

3. Build B2B Relationships

Speaking engagements offer the opportunity to capitalize on the undivided attention of clients and stakeholders who are interested in your area of expertise. Members of your audience may want to connect with you direct after your presentation, which can open the door to potential sales, business opportunities, and partnerships.

Whether in-person, online, keynotes, or fireside chats, a speaking opportunity can earn your brand broader exposure to your targeted audience, more credibility and increased trust. As a result, you could find numerous opportunities to grow your business.

Rose Begonia

About the author

Rose is a seasoned PR executive with over a decade of experience helping businesses, from growing startups to well-established organizations, grow their reputations and gain increased recognition both in the press and amongst their customers.


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