Advantages Clients Will Experience from Your IoT Technology

March 22

IoT technology has taken the world by storm. These devices already outnumber people, and that trend is set to increase. It’s not just that IoT is a convenient novelty, either. This technological innovation can save money, increase security in certain respects, and generally optimize the operations of your clientele, making their tech experience much more satisfactory. As a CEO of an IoT enterprise, you want to emphasize positive aspects of IoT solutions to help clients understand this innovation’s full potential. Several customer experience focus-points include:

Facilitation of Competitiveness

IoT technology can make client business more competitive in relation to peers, and it can additionally help clients increase their level of competitive ability— which may even be better in the long run. If they’re doing better, they’re going to expand, which means they must necessarily purchase more tech from you. It’s an “everybody wins” scenario facilitating an upward spiral for both of you. Show clients how IoT facilitates competitive edge.

You’ve got to be adamant about security protocols and be diligent to properly apply them. This will also require some level of client education. Likely, you’ll need to proactively monitor client operations as well— more on that in a moment.

Client Personalization

IoT gives you the ability to more comprehensively personalize the IT solutions you provide for clients. Say, for example, you’re working with clients who run a production facility and are looking to streamline operations by shaving off hidden redundancies only visible through IoT application. This has a term: “smart” manufacturing. Every production facility will have its own idiosyncrasies and IoT devices of different kind and purpose can be put together such that they describe a sort of “form-fitting” arrangement for such a client. The same is basically true for any client with whom you work. Personalization is additionally a great selling point and another “everybody wins” scenario. The more they personalize, the more services and products they buy from your MSP. So, show them how— if you haven’t— they can personalize their IoT.

Prevention of Emergency

An IoT solution helps clients avoid emergencies. Consider the smart manufacturing facility. An IoT-enabled machine can continuously send data that can benefit your clients. They can monitor varying machines to ensure they are within safe operational limits. This will allow them to maximize their lifespan. Show clients how you’ve maximized other operations through machine lifespan enhancement. Clients get their fullest investment from such a strategy and you get the fullest profit from your clients, all while preventing emergencies.

Monitoring and Support of Operations Via Data

With the Internet of Things, you’re likely going to be monitoring client operations closely. This will help you to identify anomalies more quickly, stopping negative trends before they’ve got a chance to “metastasize” and become toxic to their business. When you stop something, tell the client— show how your company’s IoT provisions saved their bacon. In terms of security, proactive monitoring and support is a very recommendable service in today’s environment regardless. Oftentimes, catching anomalies, tracing them, and curtailing them represents some of the best cyber security. When you can do the same thing with the productive machines your clients must use daily, you increase your value to them.

Something else you can do with IoT in terms of monitoring and data is to show your own usefulness directly. You can demonstrate to them that you aren’t just a novelty upgrade, but that you have actually been making them money through reducing operational expenses, increasing competitiveness, maximizing tech investment, and helping them remain cutting-edge. Being cutting-edge is essential to business today for more than the convenience of operations and competitiveness: as technology marches on with no denouement on the horizon, remaining contemporary becomes essential. If you’ve got a floppy-drive computer today, good luck using it for… anything. The same will be true of today’s technology in 15 years.

IoT technology will make clients more successful than they could be otherwise by facilitating increased competitiveness, personalized data and tech application, emergency prevention, and proactive support solutions. Harnessing IoT and showing clients the ropes communicates value, improving customer experience.

Johannes Beekman

About the author

Our CEO has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing in the high-tech industry. Johannes has worked for 25 years in the semiconductor industry, where he worked for Philips, Infineon, and Sematech in various management positions in process development, engineering, operations, and sales and marketing. While working for Philips, he was an engineering manager in 2 wafer fab startups. And while at Sematech, he managed various international technical symposia. He has built 3 successful digital marketing companies in the past 8 years. His focus is marketing integration, marketing technology, SEO, and inbound and outbound marketing. And he has developed a content creation system that uses the AIDA model to develop content for every stage of the sales funnel. Johannes has experience working with companies in manufacturing, the high-tech industry, process industry, IT, healthcare, and legal industry, and he has published on several trade-focused websites.


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